A Little House Decorating

The air conditioning came back on today. It was 84, at least that’s what my car said. It was awesome!!!I went to Walmart, dropped off the prescriptions I need for my oral surgery, and bought some cookie mixes to make for my son. White Chocolate Macadamia and Snickerdoodle. Then I went to Home Depot and got the correct drill to drill the asbestos tiles on my house, and got some more herbs and pots and organic potting soil.

I came home, and put up my brightly painted gecko on the back of my house, facing my deck. I also put the mermaid sculpture plaque in between the two windows. Then I hung my Buddha on the tree. I also hung the string of lights I got on the tree. I hope they work. They worked in the house, but I couldn’t get them to turn on once I hung them. However, they are solar powered and may just need to charge up. We’ll see. Anyway, these are pictures of the back of my house, and my banyan tree. 🙂

I’m really please with the overall effect on the deck. It is becoming a really pleasant place to sit and write, or read, or meditate. And it’s finally not cold in the mornings. It’s been in the 50’s, 40’s one morning. But it looks like it’s back to the 60’s all week, and the daytime temps are in the low 80’s, which is my favorite temp.

I didn’t get the walk in at the beach today, but honestly, I couldn’t have gone until about 3, and then I wouldn’t have gotten all that stuff put up. Tomorrow I’ll make the cookies, so I can mail them Tuesday. I got to spend the day with myself, which is what I wanted. I’ve talked to friends on the phone, and got a nice long text from L, which made me happy. Seems like things are exactly where I want them for the moment.

Now I’m sitting with a glass of wine, and thinking about making dinner. I have a piece of salmon in marinating, and I have some left over rice, and some veggies in the fridge. Easy peasy dinner. It’s been a great weekend. Me and the critters in my yard, and all of you…..

Still writing like a madwoman, lol.

Love and light to you all.

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