Content, Just Content

I’m sitting outside this morning. It is almost 70° here at 10 AM, and balmy. Tropical. Feels good. Feels like the Florida I kind of expected. It rained yesterday, for a couple of hours. A gentle summer-like rain. I had my party set up for the deck but we ended up inside because of it. Which was ok too. I just always would rather be outside.

This morning my companions have been 2 squirrels chasing each other along my fence and up and down my tree. Then a red-headed woodpecker perched up in my palm tree for awhile. That was kind of cool, haven’t seen one of them in a long time. I thought they were northern birds I guess, but apparently they are here too! And of course, the geckos. Up and down my deck railings.

At the artwalk last night I bought a Buddha to put on my tree. Just his head. I had seen one earlier, but it was stained blue, and I wanted one that was stained green, to match my deck. It’s kind of a speckled stain, green and white. So today I need to go to Home Depot and get a drill bit that can drill the tiles on my house without cracking. They are asbestos tiles, ad someone told me a regular drill bit might crack them, and they are really hard to replace since you can’t buy them anymore. I also need some pots for the herbs I bought yesterday, and a couple more herbs too.

I got the floor foundation kit for my shed, but not the shed. I still have to get a permit for it anyway, but I thought I’d have it all by Friday. I can’t wait to have all the stuff that belongs in it, in it, and out of my house.

I’m also going to go to the grocery store and buy some cookie mixes for my son, and send them to him. Just for fun. I miss that kid so much. I can make them later today, and mail them tomorrow.

I’d like to get a walk in down by the waterfront too.

Well, there’s a promise of a nice day. I kind of hope I end up here by myself most of the day. Yesterday was fun with lots of friends around all day, but now I just need my own space.

Love and light, everyone.

3 responses to “Content, Just Content

  1. Space is truly important. Tomorrow is President’s Day, the post offices will be closed, yes? Ahh, I get this feeling your son will love the cookie mixes, though. 🙂

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