Hate Brings Out Another Sicko

The other day my friend Laurel at myjourneyintodarkness.wordpress.com got a vile comment from this guy below.




Today I got one, though not as vile as the one he left her, it was still vile, considering the source. He’s the loser with a ego full of hate for everyone, and thinks he’s better than everyone as well. His blog has 2 followers, still, lol. His site is disgusting. This is the comment he left me, on my post “A Call to Action, Again”

You are dumber then a box of rocks. You would not understand what communism is even if you read the manifesto”

Ok…first of all, I think he’s 28 years old. I’m guessing the 88 in his lovely name of Hitler 88 is his birth year. So of course, he is full of life’s wisdom, compared to mine and Laurels.

He obviously has no scientific education, or he would know that we are all made of the same stardust billions of years old, so we are all dumb as rocks, or as smart, lol, because every molecule that makes up our bodies has always existed. Those molecules can be transformed but not created and not destroyed, so who the hell knows what he was before he was this hate-mongering piece of crap. I tend to love rocks, each one has a different vibration and if the idiot has ever worn a watch it probably kept time to the vibration of the quartz crystal inside it. Of course….maybe he can’t tell time. It’s highly possible he is unable to read the face of a watch. 

As for the communist manifesto, he should shut the fuck up when talking to someone who has lived through the Iron Curtain, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the end of the Korean War, the Viet Nam Conflict, the Berlin Wall, who saw Kruschev beating his shoe on the table at the UN. This little shit head has had it easy, because we all know what it’s like when hate is rampant. When egos drive, and spirits are locked up.  Authoritarian fascism and communism are pretty similar in my book.  A dictator is a dictator is a dictator, no matter the sick ideology they espouse to become one. 

I won’t even go into his disgusting username. Suffice to say I will never see it again on my blog, because he is now blacklisted. His comments will be deleted without me seeing them. Which is all the air time they deserve.

He doesn’t bother me. There will always be haters. There will always be creeps. There will always be more of us than there are of them. Always.

I put up his info, in case any of you want to blacklist him before he has a chance to leave some vile comment on your blog.  To do this go to settings/discussion/comment black list and paste in his info.   If everyone blacklists him, he will have to crawl back under the rock he thinks is so dumb, and wait for eternity to show him the light. Someone that stupid will need all of eternity just to learn how to get his eyes open.

Love and light to everyone.

7 responses to “Hate Brings Out Another Sicko

  1. At different points of my life, especially here online, I have had this too. One must just erase this negativeness from our blogs, or face it head on and smother him with love till he goes away. I have done both!

  2. Thank you. This is my first vile comment in the few years I’ve been writing this blog, save one from an old lover of mine, lol. So this time I met it head on, because I find silence in the face of such hate to be difficult these days. I do have to ultimately feel sorry for anyone whose life is so small and dark.

  3. Laurel is such a nice person and I’m so sorry she experienced this. For the most part WP has been a good place, less freaks than say, Facebook but they ARE out there. I think this person sounds like a total idiot but the sad part is anyone who feels they just want to hurt someone else for NO REASON. It is hard enough to be honest and then get something like this? I hope she’s okay, meanwhile I agree with Linda we have to erase this negativeness from our blogs by supporting one another. I feel most people on here are really nice, which is actually pretty rare/lucky and there may be some bad apples but most of the time being honest isn’t held against us and I’m so grateful for that. I do wonder at the assholes but there are always some. At least Laurel has many who really care and would NEVER think that. xo

  4. The Orange One has awakened these low life’s. The number of acts of vandalism towards Jewish synagogues has increased since this Moron has been elected…

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