Dolphins and Sea Birds

I got out for my walk early. I was by the water at about 9 AM. I wanted to get down there early because every Tuesday there’s a fresh market, and it gets really crowded later in the day. I parked along the water and headed toward the long fishing pier. There were only 2 people on the pier when I got there, probably because it’s fairly cloudy this morning, and cool. Perfect for a walk.

As I walked down the pier, a man was walking toward me, and he stopped me. He said, “There’s a dolphin, about 50′ off the end of the pier!” and he pointed in the direction. Just then the dolphin came gliding out of the water and back in. SOOOOO beautiful. I thanked the man profusely, for telling me, lol. Told him it made my day. Because it did. It’s my spirit animal. Such a sight, to see them gracefully swimming in the water.

I got my phone out and began trying to snap pics. I got one in which you can see the dolphin. Just after I took it I saw the fin of a 2nd one!!! I waited and watched but saw neither of them again, so I only have one picture of one dolphin.  It’s small because I had to zoom in and reduce the size of the pic so you could see the dolphin.dolphin-2

When I got to the end of the pier, no one was there, except this pelican and heron. They too are beautiful. What a wondrous place I live in, to see all this with some regularity. So blessed. So grateful.


Love and light, everyone.  Count your blessings!

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