Damn Palmetto Bugs, Again (And Other Stuff)

It’s raining in paradise today. It’s supposed to rain til late this afternoon. It’s a nice change, lol. Tomorrow back to sunny and warm.

First thing this morning with one eye open, still in my nightgown, I had an encounter with a Palmetto bug in my kitchen sink. He was in the drain, and seems they don’t climb to well on stainless steel that’s curved, so couldn’t get out. They still give me the creepy crawlies, but don’t freak me out the way they did at first. I got the borax powder out and made a direct hit on him. He tried harder to get out but to no avail. So I left him be for a moment while I collected myself. I had to rinse out the coffee pot and grounds basket, and he wasn’t liking the water but couldn’t climb out. I guess he probably couldn’t fly straight up like a helicopter either, which was a good thing. I never want to see one flying. So I made the coffee and then got my Home Defense bug spray (which it says can be used indoors and outdoors) and sprayed him with that. Finally he somehow got flipped on his back, which seems to be the death of them, they can’t turn over. And seemed to die there, but I’m taking no chances.

I had to go get bloodwork done at 8:15, so I got dressed, put on my make-up, and checked on him again. He was still motionless in the sink drain. Good. I poured a little water on him though and it seemed his antenna moved, so I left him alone and figured I’ll get him out of the drain sometime this morning. I’m terrified that once I try to move him he’ll suddenly revive and start crawling away. So I’m leaving him on his back for a while.

This is how my day started.

I got to the dr on time for the bloodwork. When I made the appointment she asked me did I want 8:15 or 8:30. I said the earlier one because it’s fasting bloodwork, and I want to get my coffee as soon as I can. So, I got there on time, but they didn’t take me for 20 or 25 minutes, so what was the point of asking me if I wanted an 8:15 appointment. It was way too early for them to be behind already. But I just bit my tongue and said nothing, because you know, this girl is coming at me with a big needle about to suck some blood out of me….I don’t want to piss her off.

When I walked out of the door to get to my car to go to the dr, I saw that I’d had a package delivered from Amazon. Amazon Prime, stuff that I ordered a week ago. I don’t know what happened to the 2 day shipping on it. Whoever delivered it put it on the edge of my porch (is it a porch or just a covered entry? It’s small.) so the box got soaked. It was the rest of the lights for my banyan tree in my back yard, so I’m happy about that, that I can get my tree done when it stops raining. Good thing they are outdoor lights, since the box was soaked through.

Now I’m home, having my coffee, about to make another cup and go check on the damn Palmetto bug again. My Ikea kitchen, instead of having a cabinet under the sink, has a big drawer, for garbage, cleaning items, etc. I pulled it out last night and squirted the borax powder in there. I think the damn bugs are coming in from that side, since its against an outer wall of the house. You think your house is bug proof but everyone gets these things, everyone down here. It seems like they’d need a visible hole to get in through but apparently not. IDK. I am gonna go back with the Home Defense spray today.

Once I get the dead bug safely out of the drain.

I am supposed to go to a meet and greet thing for the Veterans Art Center tonight. I suppose I will, they are asking everyone to go, and I’m on the board so I should. It’s only for an hour or two. Some moneyed people are coming from whom they are hoping for a large donation. So I’ll go and try to sound intelligent, which I am able to do when it’s called for, lol.

Other than that, I think I’ll spend the day making jewelry. I have a necklace I’m making for the Vets Art Center silent auction, which I think is Friday night. So if I could finish it and take it over that would be good.

I hope the way this day began is no indication of the way it will go. Unwanted creepy things showing up, lol. Having blood sucked out of me, lol. Ok not sucked, but you know, it kinda felt like it today. Maybe I should go back to bed and start again lol, once the bug is disposed of.

Love and light, all.

6 responses to “Damn Palmetto Bugs, Again (And Other Stuff)

  1. I lived in Florida a long time ago so many different creepy crawlers lol. I got bit by fire ants and woke up to thousands of ants on the ceiling in my bedroom and I lived on the third floor apartment. Never a dull moment and always hated those palmetto bugs aka flying roaches on steroids:)

  2. It’s been nice having a winter break from the Palmettos (aka water bugs here). But I’ve just started to see a couple of new arrivals as the weather warms. I’ve become less freaked out by them over the years, but they can still give me the willies if I think too much about them. I’ve often seen the antenna move after I’ve sprayed or bopped them, but never seen one come back after that, so I think you’re safe.

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