A Fun Time Was Had By All

Busy busy day, and tomorrow too!

My sis and brother-in-law were here for lunch. When they left I ran up the the Veterans Art Center Gallery to drop off raffle tickets and talk to my good friend who was up there. They were setting up a reception for a Swiss company that does marketing and I met the nicest young woman from Switzerland who was setting it up. I could have gone to the reception, but honestly, I didn’t want to miss open mic night, lol, so I went to open mic night.

Which was so much fun. You never know what you’re going to get. Many of the people are the same every week, the locals that just go every week. But especially now you get some tourists who just want to sing, and they may borrow someone’s guitar and go up and perform. Tonight we had a sister act. One sister was a blues singer/songwriter, and the other did stand-up comedy. They did the greatest spur-of-the-moment act, taking suggestions from the audience and turning them into songs. It was so funny and SO creative!

It’s always fun, and the fun builds as the evening goes on.

L called me just as it was crescendoing. He asked if it was a bad time, and I said, “Well…I’m at open mic and the music is just about to start again, and I’m in front, and it’s two of my best friends about to sing.” I asked if I could call him back in about a half hour, but he said he was really tired, and trying to get to bed early. So, I didn’t really get to talk to him, but he said he’d call tomorrow.

We had a hard time connecting by phone the first time we talked, just he or I was busy doing something for a few days, it was a case of telephone tag. Same thing now, he and I are both busy with our own lives. I will be much more free after this week. I had a couple functions for the Veterans Art Center, and open mic, and now my friends are coming over Sunday again. But I’m free after that. I’m not planning anything really for next weekend, because I’m having oral surgery Thursday.

I just hope we can get together, I’d really like to see him again. Thinking I might invite him here, and make dinner for him. Might be nice. Kind of take the pressure off. We’ll see, when I talk to him, finally.

My sis is coming back here tomorrow with her step-daughter to show her my house and the town. That will be fun, but I need to get to the grocery store, lol, and get some food, so I better be ready to get out of the house pretty early.

Which means I should get myself to bed now. I love feeling like I have a life, and maybe a guy in it. Feeling blessed.

Love and light, all.

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