The Color of Water

I wanted to do a piece on the color of water.  So I went through my pics and got a few from New England, and then a few from Florida.  All beautiful. All different.


This picture was taken at East Beach, Rhode Island in March.  It was freezing out but this man was having such a good time frolicking in the frigid water.  He told us he swam at least once in every month.  The ocean was beautiful that day. It’s kind of a greenish color up north, at least along the shore.  Doesn’t get blue til you get pretty far offshore.  It’s reflecting the sky here, so is blue blue.


This picture is of the mouth of the Thames River in New London.  I was standing at the end of the dock where my slip is located.  The water is brackish, meaning it’s part salt and part fresh, and usually a little brown. The visibility on a good day lets you see 15 miles south to Montauk NY.


This picture is taken from Harkness Memorial Park, which was fairly close to me in CT.  It’s a 230 acre state park on Long Island sound, with water on 3 sides.  It was a beautiful day that day, and the water took on the color of the sky.  Lots of memories in that park.

And so,  we move South.


This picture is Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island, one of the “West Coast Keys.” I was near the parking lot, looking over the dune. The water is really that color.


This is a “groin” recently installed on the beaches down here to prevent sand erosion.  They make great fishing piers.  And kids love to jump off of them.  I think the color of the water, that deep turqoise, is due to the white sandy bottom under it.


This is late day sun on Longboat Key beach.  The color retreats to blue from turquoise as the sun goes down.  Looks like low tide.

I hope you enjoyed my pictorial essay on the color of water. I have lots more pics, but narrowed it down so it wouldn’t take too much of my WP storage.

Love and light.

5 responses to “The Color of Water

    • Thanks JoAnna. The pics don’t quite do it justice, but aren’t bad. The groins are a new thing, all of them installed in the last year. And yes, I think they are a cross between the jetty and the pier. They hold the sand in, and are safer than a jetty of rock for the many people who like to walk down them and go fishing.

  1. This was lovely. I adore the ocean, and as I don’t have the opportunity to go very often, I enjoy dreaming of being there. I love all the colors of the ocean, all the blues and greens especially. Thank you for sharing these lovely views!

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