Phantom Smoke Alarm

The other night, Thursday night, I was awakened at about 1 in the morning by my smoke alarm in my bedroom going off. Three loud alarms. I was awake and had the light on in seconds. It stopped as soon as I was awake. There was no smoke, and no more alarms. I sat there for a moment, just staring at it, wondering why it went off. Finally, upon realizing there was no fire anywhere, I went back to sleep, because I was exhausted.

However, the experience has stayed with me. Now I am wondering if it wasn’t one of those dreams which have seemed so real to me, visitation dreams. I have had 4 of them, in the last couple years, all of them around Scott. The first was before we broke up, and made me happy. The 2nd and the 3rd were after we broke up because of Betty, and he came to me, and got mad at me for being jealous of Betty. He had tried, unsuccessfully then, to get me to still see him even though he was with her, in real life. In the dream, I made him leave. All three of these dreams, when I awakened, I could smell him, taste him, feel his heat in my bed. Hear the sound of my slider opening and him coming up the stairs. The last one was last fall, when his ringer on the phone went off, and I woke to having the phone in my hand, looking for a missed call, but there was wasn’t one.

All of these, were not like normal dreams. They were real, and a medium tells me they were visitations, not dreams, and I believe her, because they were so not like normal dreams. And I believe her because I can just feel it. He and I have always, since before we actually met, (we messaged for about 3 months first, because he was sick from chemo) had a very intense soul connection. Even Betty remarked how it bothered him how well I saw him. Well, I’ve known him many lifetimes, I’m sure. I should know him well.

So I’m thinking that the smoke alarm going off was the same thing. It was some kind of visitation, of something or someone. But why a smoke alarm? What was the message? Does it have to do with the twin flame thing? Is it about him? Since all of these dreams, visitations, were him, why would this be any different? I’ve never had a dream like these except about him. But maybe it wasn’t about him?

It was real enough to make me want to make sure he’s ok. But then, my head takes over and tells me not to do it, that I know better. That it would not be a good thing in the long run. And that he’s fine, just fine, and would get an ego boost out of me still being concerned. I will not do it. I will not contact him and open that door again. Anyway, he would deny it, as he has denied my other dreams. “I did NOT come to you.” Of course, not in the physical sense. I am not delusional. But our souls communicate on levels we cannot possibly understand in human terms and I know that those things happened, really, on some level.

So, I’m guessing that this was some kind of communication. The smoke alarm has been fine since, the battery is fine. It is not beeping the dead battery sound. There is no indication at all that it really went off in the physical world. Maybe at some point the communication will be made clear to me, maybe not. I need to just file it away under “Inexplicable occurrences”.

I have to accept that he and I are connected in a way that is unusual, but real. No matter who I am with, there will always be an undercurrent of him, buzzing in my psyche. I’ve said I will always love him, but that I can love someone else just as much. Someone who won’t hurt me, won’t play games with me. I’ve maybe found that man. I’ll find out in the coming weeks.

This post is mostly to help me figure out what went on then. To work it through. It probably sounds crazy to people who are not into energy, and soul travel and past lives.

Love and light, thanks for reading.

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