The Alternative to Watching tRump

It was a pretty laid back day today. I got a back massage. My handyman finished building my shed. I putzed around, doing laundry, blowing the leaves off of my deck, watering my herbs. I took a nice long walk down on the waterfront and bought some Thai food at the fresh market to take home for dinner.

It was hot today, again. In the high 80’s. I’m not complaining though. It was nice out on my deck with the shade of the tree. There was a nice sea breeze blowing by the water. The town and and market were really busy. Definitely in season now.

I’m not looking forward to having oral surgery Thursday. I am going to make some chicken soup and some mac and cheese tomorrow, so I’ll have soft, easy food to eat while the gum heals and I’m in pain. I wish I were not alone, but that’s the way it is. My friends may come over to see me, but I’ll probably be doped up on Percosets and not really much company.

I’ll be fine. L will be home Saturday, I think. I hope to be making him dinner Sunday or Monday.

I sent a message to S, asking if he was ok, because that phantom smoke alarm thing just got to me. He hasn’t answered my message. I don’t know if he’s refusing to talk to me, because I refused to talk to him, or if something really happened to him. Or, if maybe the alarm wasn’t a warning for me, to be careful. But I will let it go, there is no way for me to find out and I wasted enough worry over him already. I just wanted to be a friend, because I think he’s fairly alone at this point. But whatever, I have a good life here, and I’m not going to let a phantom smoke alarm mess that up. He can reach me if he needs a friend. If he’s playing the game, the one where he won’t talk to me cuz I didn’t talk to him, he can keep playing it alone. I didn’t talk to him because it’s felt unsafe for me to do it. If he can’t understand my fear, well….he should just keep playing by himself. I think, based on history, it’s pretty well founded.

Besides, I have L in my head at the moment, and am looking forward to whatever might happen there.

tRump is giving his address right now, and I cannot stand to watch him. I’d have nightmares. I’ll get the main points of it off of social media and my news outlet subscriptions. I just can’t give him any of my time or energy. I’m tired anyway, so I think I’ll go to bed and read.

G’night all. Love and light.

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