Some Things Never Change. Thankfully, Some Do.

It’s been an interesting day, to be sure. I got an answer, in fact a couple of them, and put to rest some others. I was glad to put the truth out on the table, even if it was denied, vehemently, with lies….more lies. “Alternative facts.” LOL. It was like dealing with the Cheetoman. Everything is someone else’s fault. Some things never change, you know?

I heard from L today, as I thought I would. He’s done with the remodel, the tenant is moving in. He sent me pictures of the work he’s done. He’s dealing with loan docs and legal docs now. He’ll be home Saturday. He asked about my mouth, he asked if I was on a jello diet, lol. He remembered. I told him not til tomorrow, but that I’d sure be looking forward to a good meal when he got back. He replied, yes, that will be nice. Put a smile on my face.

So one thing comes to the end of the road, unless a new road gets built. It won’t get built by me. The other one resumes clearing a smooth path. I am delighted by that. I hope to be miles away from today soon.

I made the chicken soup, just have to add some of my fresh herbs, and the mac and cheese is ready for the oven now. Hopefully my gum won’t hurt that much. But whatever it is, I am ok with it. I can deal with pain pretty well, physical pain, anyway. Emotional pain, I am not as good at. With all the practice I’ve had I should be an expert. Well, hopefully, I won’t ever practice that art again, lol.

I think I’ll go sit outside now for awhile. The sun is a bit lower in the sky, it won’t be quite so hot out. I have dinner made. Good TV to watch. Maybe a friend will come over later after she works at the community garden a few doors down.

Life is good….

Love and light…..

4 responses to “Some Things Never Change. Thankfully, Some Do.

  1. What a mysterious post 🙂 Oh well women do have the right to be a bit mysterious don’t we.

    And honestly, I can not wait until you have that dinner with L. Enough of the suspense already, hahaha!! 😂 It is killing me. Lol. 💙

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