Today’s the day. D-Day.  Dentist-day.   Why is it that such a small, little surgery is making me so nervous? I guess because I’ve had toothaches in the past, that really really hurt. And I know this piece of whatever it is they left in my mouth is near the nerve, and that’s why they left it. So, chances are that nerve is going to get messed with and it will hurt like a son of a bitch after. But maybe not. I thought the carpal tunnel surgery would hurt, but it didn’t hurt at all. Though cutting my gum open, well, I gotta be real. It’s gonna hurt, lol.

I’ve been considering, again, writing fiction. But really, I don’t know that I’m creative enough. I tend to write about my life, my emotions, my experiences, and glean what I can from them. I suppose if I fictionalized my life, but still used it, maybe I could do it. Idk. I’ve had to live so much in the present moment, deciphering every second, that I don’t know if I can change that mindset. That’s what hyper-vigilance does to you over time. I am very aware of my life each second, and where I’ve been and where I want to go. But I might give it a whirl here, anyway, something short, just to try it out. I’m afraid the characters would be all too recognizable though. Which would probably ruffle some feathers.

I’m looking forward to L coming home. I know he is too, just to stop going going. To stay put here for more than a few days. He said he’s going to sleep for a whole day, lol. Though I doubt that, he is a pretty active 62 year old. He doesn’t like being sedentary. It will be fun to get to know him better, I am pretty sure. Still have to figure out what I’m gonna make him for dinner. Seafood, I think, of some kind. I don’t really know what he likes but he ate seafood when we had lunch.

The day will be interesting, I guess. Maybe I will be able to make some jewelry if I don’t get too zoned out on the pain-killers. Or maybe I’ll just sleep, lol. I can at least sit outside, and it’s not going to be so hot today, somewhere around 80° but for the last few days it’s been almost 90°. Crazy warm even for here. I have some good books to read, and of course, writing. I’ll be fine.

I’ll be back on the flip side of this appointment. Love and light everyone.

2 responses to “D-Day

  1. you will be fine, I’m sure of it! And as for writing fiction, we have been living fiction for over two years now so it shouldn’t be an issue for you!!! 🙂 This shit we have been through is stranger than fiction!!! Give me a call this evening if your mouth permits and fill me on the phone conversation!! lots of hugs for the dentist today… M.

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