Did I Ever? The Answers

Leonard Cohen asks:

Did I ever love you? Yes.
Did I ever need you? No.
Did I ever fight you? Yes
Did I ever want to? No.

Did I ever leave you? Yes
Was I ever able? No.
Or are we still leaning
Across the old table?  I’m not. It hurts my back. I can’t speak for you.

The lemon tree blossoms. Yes it does, here.
The almond tree withers. Maybe…..
And is it still raining
Back in November?  Not here, but in my old life, yes. Same thing goes on and on. Over and over. It’s lovely in here, back in November.
Those are my answers to Leonard Cohen’s questions, from one of my favorite of his songs, Did I Ever Love You. Good questions, trying to understand. What are your answers?  I’ve put this video up before, but in case you missed it….I’ll do it again. Enjoy.


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