Home From The Dentist

I’m home from the dentist. Let me just say it was a bit nastier than I expected, lol. It hurt me while he was doing it, which was explained to me. The dr was thorough, and kind, he paid attention to my body language and gave me breaks. I probably should have been knocked out, but too late once I’m there. So I got home, and took a percoset, because I already know it’s gonna hurt like a bear when the anesthetic wears off.

I had a nice talk with L before I went today. That was so nice, to talk and laugh, and actually have someone give a shit what was going on with me. He now may be there longer….because they’re buying another piece of property Tuesday, and he hasn’t seen it inside. He doesn’t quite trust his son’s assessment of it, just lack of experience. So he may stay and check it out himself, and if he has to stay and do work on it, will stay probably another 10 days or so. But then he has a ticket already for Monday but it’s only $29 so it’s not a big deal to give it up.

He’s just so nice, and funny. We traded stories about spiders, he hates the big ones. He said if someone needs a big one dealt with we will be SOL together. Not big like the Saudi Arabian ones, that run in packs and kill you, but the big ones that hang out by lakes, 6” in diameter, and run on top of the water. Hate those things.

He just texted me to check in on me while I’m writing this.Have I mentioned that he played football at Ohio State?  He’s a big guy, built like a football player.  He had to be pretty good to play for the Buckeyes.  Right now I’m thinking the wait will be worth it. Not changing anything anyway, while on Percoset, lol.

I came home and blew the leaves off of my deck and am parked out here for awhile. I’m so glad I made that soup yesterday, and mac and cheese. It was kind of weird, that when I got home, I really felt homesick for my old house in CT. And for my friends there. It was always just so safe there. It is here too, but I don’t have that big circle I used to have. And I have to miss open mic tonight. That’s a bummer. My friend who really sings said she doesn’t know if she can go if I’m not gonna be there, lol.

So it’s me and the geckos this afternoon. And a good book, and some water. Glad it’s a nice afternoon, not so hot, but nice and warm.

Love and light, all.

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