Pain Med Hangover

I have a pain med hangover this morning. Upset stomach, headache, foggy head. My jaw hurts, but not enough to make me take anymore pain meds! Geezus, it would be hard to get addicted to those…I’d rather have the pain than feel like this! The good news is that the dr found a tooth fragment that was causing the gum to keep getting re-infected over the years, so it should be good to go now.

I could feel what he was doing, which is why I said in hindsight I should have gotten knocked out. He said, “You’re tough, right?” Yeah, I was tough. I did what I always do in a situation like that, I went to a meditative state and just chanted in my head, “Sat chit ananda”. The Sanskrit for existence, consciousness, bliss. Over and over. It takes me away, mentally, from what’s going on. But I was pretty wasted when it was over.

But I’m pulling it together. I managed to get my garbage bins out to the street, since it’s garbage day and they were full. It’s chilly this morning. I went out in a t-shirt and came back in for a hoodie! But it will warm up nicely, to the mid 70’s by noon.

I will be housebound again today, but that’s ok. Hopefully I will hear from L, my friends will stop by and keep me company. They seem to love to come to my house. Maybe because I usually have good chocolate, lol. I have good food right now, in the fridge. Homemade baked mac and cheese…who doesn’t love that? And homemade chicken soup that turned out really good. So, if anyone is hungry I can feed them!

I considered, ever so briefly, going back on the dating site when L told me he might have to stay in Ohio for up to another couple weeks. It’s no game, I totally get it and understand, I just was thinking maybe he doesn’t really have time for a relationship. Just thought, I’d go back on and see what happened, because maybe we won’t be able to work this out if he’s not going to be here much. But then I decided, he is the first person I’ve been really totally attracted to in so long. The first since the nameless one, and he’s such a good guy. There is no game with him, no dysfunction. He had a loving marriage, he loved his wife. They were a normal, long married couple, he loves his kids and is very close to them, and has lots of extended family and friends. So opposite of the nameless one, and it’s what I need. Someone whose life is more like mine….who is stable, and can care, and is healthy both physically and emotionally. So….I’ll wait for him. I think it has all the possibilities of being wonderful. We’ve been able to get to know each other through talking a lot, it’s all good. I told him I’ll keep the dinner warm til he can get here, lol.

I’m in a pretty good place. I got a resolution on the smoke alarm wierdness, lol. I will probably always get those anomalies, but I don’t think I’ll let them freak me out. I am happy with where my life is right now.

Love and light, everyone.

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