So the Guy Can Read. I’m Not Impressed.

Why are people so happy about tRumps address the other night? Because he suddenly became a normal leader, trying in some small way to motivate people positively? Do they not know that he was scripted, rehearsed, managed, so that he’d fool us all again? So the guy can read. Wow. So what.

It’s his actions, and the actions of those he surrounds himself with. He cares about as much for clean water and air as I do for him. Probably less. He only cares in as much as it’s costing him and his friends. His cabinet is so incompetent. First Flynn, and now Sessions, caught to be bold-faced lying through their teeth. Like the NYTimes said, the days of “spin” are gone, these are the days of bold-faced lying. I gotta wonder how much of this people have to get blindsided by before they will raise their voices to get this guy the hell out of office, and his cronies. Do the Republicans in Congress not see where this is going to go? Are they really that short-sighted? I mean, seriously. How much damage will he be allowed to do before he’s seen for what he is.

People just want to be gullible. They want to believe the best thing is happening, even if it isn’t. For God’s sake, I have done it! Not in my political views, but for pete’s sake, I have let myself be rampantly run over by men I loved, ignoring the truth about them over and over. Because I wanted to believe that they cared about me. About someone besides themselves. HA HA, the joke was on me. But at least it didn’t hurt anyone else but me. The damage that was done…Geezus. The first one it took me years to overcome. The second, well…I think I figured it out just in the nick of time, lol. Seems like I have cleared a path out of the bullshit, and into the blue.

I suppose it is those two relationships that allow me to see what’s going on so clearly. I have said that my childhood on the banks of the Mississippi River was so Norman Rockwell that I had no idea that people like my ex even existed. And now I see someone who has the same personality disorder as my ex (narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, borderline) sit in the most powerful position in the world, and be totally ready to screw the world up for his own benefit, and lie pathologically…. My ex hurt me, and my son. But that was the limit of his reach. I see what tRump is capable of, if he is not stopped, and it scares the living crap out of me.

I’m trying, really hard here, not to swear. Not to say the F-word or sh*t. Even though, they are perfectly fitting, lol.

I am probably, for the most part, preaching to the choir. I’m sitting home today, nursing my incision, so I have way too much time on my hands to read news articles and see what is happening, in more depth than normal. I can’t get to the water to take a walk, because I don’t think I should be driving. Even though I’ve not had a pain-killer, I feel the residual effects of taking 3 yesterday so think driving is out of the question. Anyway, I apologize for writing about this again. Every day there is a new revelation that requires me picking my already painful jaw up off the floor.

Well, peace out, everyone. As always, love and light.

4 responses to “So the Guy Can Read. I’m Not Impressed.

  1. Yup, I often sit in amazement at the stupidity of some people, how can anyone not see what that idiot in the white house really is!?!? It is mind boggling… Hope your mouth feels better soon! Hugs, M.

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