End of the Day

I felt so much better today. Just tired, but really pretty good. My jaw is tender, and swollen, but not really in pain. So, I took a nice long hot shower. I put on a skort and a t-shirt and took a nice long 2 mile walk on the waterfront.

It was blowing like a bear, out of the north, and actually was a bit chilly. I was fine, because I was walking pretty fast trying to burn calories. Still it was beautiful, a cloudless sky, not too much traffic for a Saturday, foot or automobile. The tide was really low, as seen in this photo. This is not the main beach. The main beach, vollyeball courts, and pavilions are on the other side of the building on the far right.


When I came home, I made a grocery list and went to the store. I am dying to make some veggie lasagna, so got all the stuff for that. Maybe Monday or Tuesday. I have to plan something to make for Lou when he gets home, which it looks like will probably be another 2 weeks. And of course, one of my besties from CT will be here visiting me right about then.

He is Italian, and I am not good at Italian food. I mean, it’s all about the sauce, right? In CT there is a half an aisle at the store dedicated to sauces. Here there is a space about 10′ long. I suppose that a pre-made sauce is not the best thing to try for a first meal anyway. I’m not going to experiment on the first meal I make for him. Baked stuffed shrimp, or shrimp in garlic sauce. Maybe with some scallops added in. I know he likes seafood. When he told me he’d be staying longer, he said, “then I quit and I’m coming to Florida and have that dinner.” I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep dinner warm.” I think he’s anxious to return, as soon as he can.

I guess it’s all about the food, lol. At least for now. Tomorrow is dreaded tax day for me. I am going to try to get my information together so I can send it off to my financial guy. I usually use Turbotax, but not this year with the buying and selling of houses. I don’t want to screw that up.

Time to call it a day. Love and light, everyone.

Picture taken by me, today.

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