General Bitch Session

I have some general bitches this morning. Because, I can be a bitch, lol.  Please don’t take me all too seriously.

  1. I have had allergy problems for the first time in my life for the last 3 weeks or so. Now, the symptoms are gone, no more itching and sneezing. But it seems I have a sinus infection which is making it difficult to sleep because my nose is so stuffed up I can’t breathe through it. I cannot become a mouth-breather! UGH! It is not helpful to have the already present issue of my sore mouth. I’m on antibiotics for the surgery, so hopefully they’ll kill the sinus infection too.
  2. Which brings me to the fact that I have not slept well for 2 nights. I was sleeping so well, so much better than for the last 2 decades, and now I’m back to not sleeping so well. Which puts me in a bad mood. So I’m bitching. It will pass…as Juan says, This too shall pass. Not soon enough! I guess I should be grateful that it’s physical things keeping me up, and not emotional issues making my head spin in perpetuity.
  3. I am irritated that I feel somewhat censored in my blog again. It’s irritating, and not something I can live with for too long. Like a friend says to me, it’s not my problem how others react to my writing. Or maybe it’s not so much censored as stalked. Maybe both. Whichever it is, I don’t want to cause problems either. Writing is how I expel emotions, feelings, and thoughts I don’t want. I have to get creatively creative apparently, which seems like a lot of work, for zero sum gain personally. So much easier to just blurt things out and be done with them.
  4. Related to #3, I am also irritated at being accused of writing stuff I did not write. (This is specific to one person) For God’s sake, before I’m accused, maybe the facts should be checked! Not like every word I’ve ever published isn’t here to read. Fact check, people, (or person)! Just because our president doesn’t, or because you’re sick of fact-checking him, doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want and then believe it’s true. Oh yeah, well Cheetoman does that too, doesn’t he?
  5. I scheduled two dr appt for the exact same day and time. I’d forgotten to put the first one in my phone. The second one I made at the end of the surgery Thursday, without even thinking about it and now I have to reschedule one of them. Grrr. In my defense, I was totally wasted when I left the dr’s office Thursday.
  6. It is chilly here this morning. I have a snuggly blanket over me as I write. I should be grateful, the temp will hit 80° today, but right now it’s not even 60° and my house is 67°. Brrr. I’m spoiled.
  7. I’m feeling impatient for L to get home, and that’s a place I don’t want to go. We are not in a place for me to make any demands, and I won’t. But damn, I just want to see him again. I know I will…..and I keep saying patience is my lesson this time. Which is way easier than the lessons of my last two relationships. But come on, I’ve waited a month…isn’t that enough patience?
  8. Oh, and the bugs.  I get rid of the bugs for like 2 days and then they show up again.  Florida is bug nursery, they just multiply exponentially.  I am sick of them.  Especially these little tiny things, so tiny I cannot even tell what kind of bug they are, but they can crawl through screens, and I find them on my kitchen counter, despite my best efforts and occasionally one just shows up on my computer screen.  They don’t fly, they are not ants, but they are the size, literally, of the period at the end of this sentence.  Imagine that period making way across your computer screen. It’s more than irritating, because when you go to swipe it off the screen, it makes the lap top flip pages, and leaves fingerprint smudges on the screen.  Grrrr.  Again.
  9. I am probably feeling like bitching because….I’m still coming off the Percosets. I am tired of my jaw hurting, which it’s going to do for awhile. I need not to feel responsible for someone’s interpretation or misinterpretation of what I write. I need a good night’s sleep. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I need better bug killer.  I need to get out of the house. I need to take a walk. I guess those last two are the same, lol.

Ok, I think that’s it for this morning. Sorry about my bitchy mood. I’ll probably be fine the rest of the day, since I expelled all this stuff. I will come back later and write about all the good stuff that I’m ever so grateful for.

Love and light, all.

23 responses to “General Bitch Session

  1. Bitch mode should be turned on regularly for healthy, mind, body and soul . Allergies and sleepless nights give me shivers too . Try cleaning your screen with nail polish remover or hand sanitizer Or go Full Gopi Modi and dip it in water with detergent . 😀

  2. Bitch away! I feel like going somewhere where you can throw darts at one of those round thingies, but instead I wanna put up a photo of someone there on that board. Lol! I understand you. !! 🙄

  3. Fast forward to what you are grateful for! I like that saying about something something will something…

  4. Ok, I’ll take your advice. I’m not taking this seriously.
    Waaaaaa Waaaaaa
    I was reading your blog and recommendations took me to the last 2. Didn’t realize it till I read it.
    Old stuff can be fun, funny or neither. But always enlightening.

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