Odds and Ends of a Monday Night

My legs and feet are vibrating. It feels like I am plugged into something. Maybe the laptop has been on my lap too much. Too much electronic frequency transmissions. EFT’s. When I used to go to the gong baths and crystal bowl meditations, both of which were vibrational healing, they asked us to shut off our phones to reduce the EFT’s in the room. Trust me, those rooms were way way full of organic vibrations. And they really do heal. I could go into one all upset over something and come out of it in peace. The nameless one told me I should go to gong baths every night….I told him I would have, if I could have.

Well, now I don’t have them, yet. I still have my daily meditation practice. I’ve been extending the time, from 15 minutes to 20, or 30, or even 40 minutes. It really does help me keep my head on straight. Probably why I am able to let this thing, whatever it is, which L just develop slowly, and at it’s own pace. Meditation practice helps me to stay mindful.

I did get really really irritated at the nameless one the other day. Well, that’s par for the course. I hope the course is ended. There were no grades given, not even pass-fail. There was no course credit, it was basically a meaningless exercise, lol.

Well…..got off on a tangent. Just that meditation doesn’t solve everything, but it helps. My anger never lasts long anyway. I’m an Aries. I have a fiery, short-lived temper. If you piss me off, wait 5 minutes, lol. And in 10 minutes I’ll be apologizing for losing it.

Went to a meeting of the Veterans Art Center for their grand opening. I took on a couple more jobs in conjunction with the opening. It’s going to be pretty cool. We have 10 acts performing, 3 or 4 galleries full of really awesome art, some of it selling in the $1000’s. We have working artists, setting up working tables and teaching. All the money goes into the Center, no one is getting paid for anything they do. One of the women who is volunteering a lot of time is a Gold Star and a Blue Star mother. It’s humbling, really. My son is a long way away….but he’s just a long way away and I talk to him every day. I’m so blessed…..

I got my tax info together to send to my accountant. I got a ton of papers and documents sorted and filed away. Stuff I didn’t have time to go through before I moved, so just brought it with me. My printer ran out of paper today. I know that somewhere I have 2 reams I brougth with me. Damned if I know where they are.

My sis is coming tomorrow and spend the night. Pretty excited about that. We’ll go to the fresh market, maybe I’ll show her the Vet’s Art Center. Go to Trader Joes. It will be nice to have her here. It’s been awhile. She’s had a busload of company, and her daughter and son-in-law are coming Saturday.

Wrapping up Monday. Lots going on this week. Life is still rich and full. Plenty of stuff on my gratitude list.

Love and light, all.

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