Spending the Day Contented

I wanted to write a poem about what a calm peaceful day I had, but I’m just too tired. It’s a shame, really, because tomorrow I won’t feel it like tonight, so it will be lost forever, as I mindfully try to stay in the present moment.

I went to the massage therapist today, and she did such a phenomenal job. Normally she only does my back and neck, since that’s where my injuries were. But today she did my arms too, and it felt so good. I have arthritis in my elbows and wrists, and she did my whole arm both sides. I found out she will come to your house for $60 an hour for a full body massage. Boy would certainly be worth it. I won’t be able to go for therapy forever.

My sister came, and we went to our favorite lunch spot down by the water and ate. Then we walked through the fresh market. We walked over to Mangia’s, where open mic is every Thursday. They were just closing, and one of my friends was there, whose boyfriend is the owner. So I asked if my sis could set up a chair and just sketch for a while. They thought it was really cool. She made a sketch and a rough watercolor looking down the street from there. Mangia’s is bright orange with bright trim, hand painted designs on it and artwork on it. The next building is lime green and purple, and the next is yellow, with columns out in front. There are all kinds of plants, and flowers and trees along the sidewalks. I think it’s going to be a very cool painting. She will take the stuff she did today back to her studio to paint the actual picture.

My sis loves that when we walk around the town, I run into people who are friends, good people, who know me well enough to stop and shoot the breeze for a bit. I know them all from going to open mic night regularly.

We came home, and I made some veggie lasagna which I have not made in over a decade. But it came out really good. I’m really happy I made it. And now I have leftovers for the next few days. It was so pleasant, always is so pleasant, to spend time together. We watched some tv and hit the hay pretty early. I’m tired tonight, after not sleeping well last night. a

It was just another day in paradise down here. I feel like pinching myself. No problems, no drama. Just happy in each moment as it comes, for the most part.

Love and light, all.

6 responses to “Spending the Day Contented

  1. Calm, peaceful wakefulness
    only calls when I’m asleep
    so as not to miss
    reminiscenses and see the still glare
    of ocean tops
    feeding birds afloat and lost
    in trance, bobbing to and fro,
    where wil my mind go?
    Calm, peaceful awareness –
    tomorrow, perhaps.

  2. I just saw this comment….Thank you so much. Yes, my life is so totally different than it was, so happy, relaxed, content. This move was good for me. 1500 miles away from the drama, and not to deal with winter, and not to have to go to work every day. Such a laid back life, I am truly blessed. But you gotta tell me what a jammy beggar is, lol.

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