A Crack in the Door

My house is old. It built in 1927 which is really old for FL. I would guess it was all by itself on this corner for a long long time. It has things old houses have. Floors that aren’t quite flat in places. Old glass door knobs. And the front door is old. I have noticed that it doesn’t quite hang straight, or the molding is not quite straight. I’m not sure which yet. But there is a crack at the lower bottom of it between the door and the molding when it’s shut and locked. This crack is not big, it’s probably less than 1/16 of an inch.

I supposed I should get some weather stripping for it. It will let the heat in in the summer. However, my electric bills down here for the summer are not high. So, it’s not an emergency to fix. When I saw it at first I reacted as if I were in New England, where the house would be freezing if it had a crack in the door like that, lol. Then I though, well, hell…I’m in FL. So awesome…. I will still fix it with some weather stripping, but it’s so not urgent!

I love living in an old remodeled house. It still has that old character. I’m sure the walls could tell me many stories. Yet, the kitchen is all new, the floors, the paint, the AC and the heat and the roof, and now, the plumbing! And 7 windows. I love that there are lots of windows to let the light in.

Can you tell I’m happy this morning? Loving the fact that I’m living here. With no daily drama!

Love and light, everyone.

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