Another Typical Day Here

Here I am again….I wrote a whole blog with details of my day and thought “how boring is that? Who cares?” LOL. So…I just deleted it. Maybe just some highlights of the day, so I can record them.

  1. I went to open mic night and it was lot of fun as usual. Good to see all my friends again. One of the musicians got up and said how this weekly thing we do is the highlight of his life, because he gets to come and play music and sing and hang out with all his best friends. That’s exactly how I feel about it….except I don’t play music, but I enjoy the music.
  2. I’m gonna join the YMCA so I can take the water aerobics class. It won’t cost me anything because my health insurance covers my membership.
  3. The oral surgeon checked his work today and it’s healing nicely.
  4. I’m almost done getting stuff put away in my shed. It’s really nice to have it out of my house.
  5. I have been trying to write fiction, at the suggestion of a couple of friends. I have a page and a half written. I am at the point where I have to kind of clearly define the plot, and I don’t know what the hell it is, lol. It may be a long while until I get something done. Fiction is hard work!

It’s been a normal Florida day. It was in the low 80’s, sunny, not very humid. Perfect for me. One of my besties from CT is coming a week from tomorrow. I can’t wait. I am so excited to have someone from home come visit me for a few days. I miss my friends up there so much.

Off to bed. Love and light all….

7 responses to “Another Typical Day Here

    • JoAnna, the insurance in FL is amazing. I paid $120 a month for part B medicare in CT, and it was ok, but still had pretty high co-pays etc. That insurance is not available here. So I had to get new insurance. It’s regulated by the state, in all states. I live in a county with the 2nd highest number of retirees. I don’t pay a penny for the coverage. I don’t pay for any dr. visits, unless it’s a specialist then it’s $35. I had an eye exam, no charge. My oral surgery was only $200. My meds cost me nothing, except for one expensive one, which the dr. usually has free samples of, and then I pay $15 for it. But yes, it includes the program they call Silver Sneakers, which gives me free member ship at a number of gyms, and the YMCA is about 2 miles from me and has a pool. This coverage was not available in CT. It saves me a good $2000 a year….Another good reason to move here!

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