Dealing with Evil Overload

One of my FB friends this morning posted the Huffington Post article about Michael Flynn’s previously concealed from everyone work as a lobbyist for the Turkish government, while he was working for the Trump campaign. Her comment was, “I am on evil overload.”

Yeah, I totally agree. I can barely stand to hear anymore. Even though I force myself to try to stay abreast of what the near-Satanic culture in DC is up to, for my own protection. But then, I have to go do something wonderful, beautiful, peaceful to shake all that horrible stuff out of me.

Today, I’ll go for a walk by the water. Maybe down to Clam Bayou. Maybe I’ll call a friend to go with me. I’ll go register at the Y. I’ll make something good to eat, low in carbs and calories. That’s always a challenge, lol. I’ll meditate. Write. Read. Create. Then when I feel whole again, I’ll go back and take in some more, because it’s important to me to stay with it. But also it’s important not to make it my life. I have to remember who I am, and it’s not the (Hate-filled? Cynical? Angry? Scared?) person I become temporarily when I read the latest unbelievably narcissistic, cruel agenda of the people now in power.

I am happy to see that even Fox News is calling them on their shit. That signals trouble for them, to only have Breitbart for a mouthpiece.

Oh well, I can’t rant any longer at the moment. It’s a beautiful day here in Florida. I don’t want to waste it thinking about these assholes any longer. I’ve given them about an hour of my time, way more than they deserve.

It looks like it’s going to be a long road ahead, before this BS stops. Which means, our daily routines have to allow us to cope with it, to remain true to ourselves. To fight the good fight when we can, and to rest from it too.

I’m off, to have a nice long meditation. Long for me anyway. I have one saved that’s about 40 minutes, guided by Thich Nhat Hanh. So soothing. The 40 minutes passes like 5. I think that will be my choice today.

Love and light everyone.

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