More Blessings Than Curses

My banyan tree is a blessing and a curse. I have to blow the dead leaves off of it every day. The tree doesn’t have a season. It perpetually loses more leaves and makes more. I blew it off this morning, and you really wouldn’t know, unless you saw me do it. So that’s the curse part. The blessing is that it shades my whole back yard, and it’s such a pretty tree, with a really cool shallow root system. The blessing outweighs the curse, but it would be so nice if it lasted more than an hour when I cleaned it off.

I took my walk down by the water today. It’s cooler today. There’s a breeze out of the west, it’s a nice cool breeze. A few puffy clouds in the sky. There was a beach volleyball tournament being set up down on the waterfront. So apparently, tomorrow there will be no parking down there, lol. We’re supposed to get rain Sunday and Monday. I feel bad, my niece is coming in to stay with my sister, and it’s not going to be a nice week. Rain 2 days, and then in the 60’s all week. Bummer. My friend from CT is coming in a week from today, just as the temp goes back to the low 70’s. Nice.

I signed up at the YMCA today. What a huge, beautiful facility, 2 miles from my house! And so many programs I’m interested in. Not just water aerobics but “Silver Sneakers” yoga, and they have a beginner’s Tai Chi class. I get full use of the entire facility which includes a ginormous gym. I am really excited to get in better shape physically. It’s one of the best reasons to retire in FL.

Now I’m sitting out on my deck. Thinking about a glass of wine. Thinking about what I can have for dinner. Big decisions! What a life! Feeling blessed.  Definitely more blessings than curses!

Love and light, all

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