Wine and Cheese, Neighbors, and Pythons (not the Monty type….)

I am sitting on my couch, having a glass of wine, and eating veggie chips. I wish I had some dip. But better that I don’t. It’s whatever. The wine is white, pinot grigio, because I’m out of red, except a good bottle that I don’t want to open just for afternoon sips. But it feels good today, to just sit here, relaxed, and sip on some wine. It’s amazing to me, how content I can be by myself. As long as I can write. I suppose there’s some element of not being by myself involved with that, if I can post something and reach out to my bloggie friends.

I came home today, and went right back out. Came home just to pick up the tax info I had to mail to my tax guy. As I was leaving, a guy across the street was walking into his house and waved to me. It was kinda cool, he is the first person in the neighborhood to acknowledge my existence! Not that I am looking for someone to hang with, just think it’s nice to know your neighbors. I don’t know any of mine. Well, next door, I only have one on one side and that house was just sold, so I don’t know when the new owners will move in. But I will make it a point to say hi, and meet them when they do.

I’m trying to eat less fats, like cheese, because my cholesterol went up with my last labs. Because I have gotten into these awesome delicious gourmet cheeses. My sis and I love them….Truffle Cheese, Merlot Bellavita, Manchego….Geezus, so good, with a piece of fruit. But I have to stop. My cholesterol hasn’t been over 170 in years. It was 211. Next time it will be back to 170. Foolishness to think I could do that.

The state of Florida is paying “python hunters” to hunt pythons in the Everglades.  They have to be at least 4′ long.  How f’n scary is that…that there are 4′ pythons hanging around out there.  Enough of them that they are doing damage and need their numbers thinned.  Remind me not to go barefoot in the Everglades.  In fact, remind me not to get out of the boat.

So anyway, here I am, making dinner, having a glass of wine, happy as a pig in….wait, who knows if pigs are really happy in that stuff? I’m happy, I’ll leave it at that. There are things I’d like to be different, but you can’t have it all at once can you? I mean, imagine if all your wishes came true at once….Well, that’s another blog…..

Love and light to everyone.

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