I think perhaps the shift has mostly taken over. Last night I slept well, a full 8 hours. What was weird is that this morning, I woke at just after 7 and it was still dark, so I assumed it was maybe like 6 or earlier because the sun has been coming up around 6:30. But I looked at my phone, the time was 7:01 or something. It’s because there are thick gray clouds overhead, such a rare occurrence here, at least this time of year. The clouds are the bottom part of the huge blizzard that is killing my old home, and the rest of the northeastern states. Everyone I communicated with yesterday was hunkering down. No one goes to work today, they’re expecting up to 2 feet of snow by end of day.

I texted last night with a man I used to work with. He really was the top dog there, after the owners.  He is an extremely smart, well educated man and a really good sales person in a very specific high-tech industry. We became good friends, slowly. Partly because he’s a boater also.  His wife has had lung cancer  for about 6 years, she and I are also good friends. I asked after her, and he said she’s stable right now, and it’s one day at a time. She did remarkably well for the first 4 years. But last year it began metastasizing to her brain and other places. She never smoked either, she was always the picture of health.  They were one of those couples that inspired me, still crazy about each other after 35 years.

He was not looking forward to the storm that was just starting, lol. He said the girl who took my job…well she’s struggling. He said “if I ever got frustrated with you when you did that job, I was SOOOOO wrong.” I reminded him that it takes a long time in that job, it’s undoubtedly the hardest administrative job they have, and it took me a few years to really be up to speed. He never really gave me a hard time anyway, that I remember. But he was the go to person when I got lost, which the last 5 years was probably rare. And I’m sure for a new person it’s probably every day. Whatever….I sure don’t miss it! I do miss the people though. I told him I hoped to be up there in Aug or Sept to see everyone.

I get to go for a back massage today. And tonight I have a fund-raiser for the Art Center, some networking kind of thing. It will be fun, good way to meet people. Tomorrow a hair appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted. Then Friday my friend comes.

Really glad to be feeling more myself this morning. The last few days have been a struggle, but I guess that’s where we find our strength right? I think I’ve recovered mine, gratefully.

Love and light, all.

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