Lovely End To A Hard Day

Open mic night tonight was just what the doctor ordered for me. It was such an emotional, stressful day and night last night. It was so relaxing to sit at the table with my friends, drink a nice hot cup of tea (because it’s about 50 here tonight!), talk, laugh, listen to music. My guy friend that I always sit with there has not been there for over a month. Last week I texted him and told him we miss him. He came tonight. He didn’t want to sing because he’s doing a Frank Sinatra show somewhere, and has been rehearsing a lot, and just wanted to relax tonight. As soon as he’d greeted everyone, he sat with me and we talked and caught up pretty much the rest of the night, in between performers. I am so grateful for the friendship of this man who will just sit and talk with me, be with me, listen to me. Be kind and decent and always watch out for me. When the night is over he always walks to my car with me. It was just extra special tonight in the wake of all the bullshit I dealt with over the last 24 hours.

Life is returning to what it was before the last week, to happy, peaceful, calm. No drama. Though, one of my friends want to write a play, based on my experiences. She thinks we could turn it into a comedy, and probably could, lol. She actually told my other friend who is an acress, playwright, sculptor that we should meet again at my house and work on it, lol. The names would be changed to protect the innocent, lol, if there are any.

Tonight I intend to sleep like a baby, and dream good dreams. Get back to my drama free life.

Love and light all. Sweet dreams.

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