Bad Gifts

It’s my friend’s last night here. We were at the beach, and went to lunch overlooking the beach complete with margaritas. We’ve been sitting around talking, reminiscing. We have been friends for so long, since my son and her youngest daughter were in kindergarten. We used to go boating together, weekends in Montauk, NY, Watch Hill RI, New London CT. I remember when the kids were small, she bought a bunch of sand dollars at a craft fair and we planted them on a small beach in Montauk. Then directed the kids and they found them all, they were so excited! We’d all pile in our dinghy, 4 adults and 3 kids and go into town for dinner. It was so much fun.

Anyway, that was before we both got divorced, and we all thought life was going to end up a lot different than it did.

We got to talking about our dating lives, which we both already knew plenty about, we’ve both helped each other through them. We were talking about the worst Valentines gifts we ever got. Now…she has had more relationships than me, been divorced twice as long. So has more stories. Her worst was giving a guy some wine and a cuddly throw, and getting a keychain with a heart on it in return. He said, to help her find her keys. She said she was reading a book at the time called, “The Rules” which was basically a lesson book in how to tell when a guy is just NOT that into you. One of them was, if the valentines gift is not romantic, he’s just not into you. Keychain, not romantic.

Since my only relationship since I got divorced was the nameless one, I related that I’d not been actually with him on Valentines Day. The only one where I could have been when he wasn’t with Betty was the first one. But he’d done the prison whore about 3 weeks before and we were broken up.

She said, “I don’t think that scenario was in the book.” We both burst out laughing. “If he does a prison whore, he’s just not that into you.” OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing. Yeah, I’d say screwing a hooker is a dead giveaway.

Well, anyway, after we stopped laughing, we gave our hands a hot wax treatment, and drank more wine. Life is good.

Love and light, all.

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