Tired, but Happy

We were up early this morning. I set my alarm for 6, but woke up just before it. My friend had already been up and taken a shower, and packed. It was amazing to me that it hadn’t woken me up when she took a shower, since the bathroom is connected to my bedroom, but I was grateful.

I’ve had a little cough, which is associated with the allergies I’ve had. So last night I had a bit of a hard time getting to sleep for the coughing. Note to self, don’t take Mucinex to break up stuff right before you go to bed, because it does it’s work in the first hour or two, and will keep you up. So I got to sleep maybe around 1. Up at 6.

We left early for the airport, not knowing what the traffic into Tampa would be. Luckily, we didn’t run into much, so she got there in plenty of time to check in, etc. We got to see the sunrise over Tampa Bay on the way there. It’s a beautiful clear day again, so the sunrise was not terribly dramatic, no pink and gold clouds, but still the horizen had that rose gold color for awhile. I was sorry to see her go. It’s been wonderful to have one of my besties from CT here, someone who has been a friend a long long time. Our visit was seamless, there was no awkwardnes, there was easy conversation, we both like to do the same things. I think I may go up and stay with her in August or September. September is the hottest month here, so maybe then. It’s generally nice weather and cooler in CT then.

My son called me yesterday, and told me he can take some time off in April, he was pretty sure. Then he called me back and he got it confirmed, so he’s coming to see me in 2 weeks!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited to see him! He will be here almost a week! I bought his ticket last night, it was only $237 RT from Denver to here! So cool. He says he’s most looking forward to having some good seafood, lol. And he wants to go to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game. Their field, Tropicana field is about 3 miles from my house, so that’s cool. And we can get cheap seats I think, though I’ll have to check. I have missed that kid so much…..so much.

He put up a status on FB saying he was so so so excited to go to FL and see momma! Sweet kid. It’s been almost 9 months since we have seen each other. So cool…..

So, life is good, really good. Just couldn’t be happier about things at the moment. Love and light, everyone.

2 responses to “Tired, but Happy

  1. I remember how nervous you were about moving. It has been so nice to “watch” you settle in to your new home, make new friends and reconnect with old friends. It’s a good reminder that we adjust and even better, thrive!

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