Feels Like I’m Working Again


What a busy busy day. I felt like I was working again, lol. I guess I was. On my feet for the better part of 8 hours. We hung about 100 paintings. There were 5 or 6 of us trying to place them all, group them in some kind of order, tag them all with the artists name and information. We have 4 galleries, each with maybe 30-50 paintings. My friend who is the curator has to try to juggle everyone’s opinions, and then do what she thinks is right. So many decisions, she was pretty spent by the end of the day. She is so happy to have someone there with her, who is like family. I brought her a sandwich to have for lunch, and will probably do the same tomorrow. Then I had her come to my house, and we ate left over pot roast, and then headed over for an evening of relaxation at open mic night. Tomorrow we go back and finish up the main gallery, and a couple of other smaller rooms in the galleries we did today.

I was happy to see my good friend at open mic, and I sat with him, as usual. This week he sang. He’s such a sweet man. Someone was playing the blues, an old blues song, and I just closed my eyes and was swaying to the music. He leaned over and said, “the blues just soothes the soul doesn’t it.” Yeah, he gets me, for sure. It’s so nice to have a close male friend, who is and forever will be just a good friend. We didn’t talk much tonight, but I could tell him anything, and he’d listen, and try to offer some help.

It was so nice out tonight. I just got home at about 10 pm and it was still 70°. There was a bit of a breeze blowing, but it was so nice to sit outside for a couple hours, and listen to music, and talk to friends, and not be cold. Sipped on some ice tea tonight, cherry hisbiscus tea.  It was good!  My friends were all so happy for me, that my son is coming to visit. They still want to have another meeting at my house, so maybe next week. Between the grand opening and my son coming.

Well, off to bed. Love and light everyone.

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