An Apology

I don’t have much to write this morning. I’m tired, and I’m going to go to the Art Center in a little while and do what I can to help. I did want to say that I got an apology via voice mail for that angry message yesterday. He really doesn’t want to be so angry and mean, and I knew that. I knew that he knew somewhere it was not my actions that lead to his demise. I hope the whole ugly episode can be let go, and we can move on with our separate lives, and find happiness.

I’m glad I got to go to open mic and just relax for a couple hours. Like my friend said, it soothes the soul. I am still very blessed, with friends and family, and a rich, full life.

Love and light to all.

3 responses to “An Apology

  1. Apologies from narcs are easily forgotten as soon as the sind changes direction for them, could be within the next hour or the next day or the next week… I have gotten a thousand apologies from a narc, and afterwards, he pulled the same shit or worse, again… a TRUE apology is to NEVER treat the person like shit, ever again. And, in our cases, to stay away and let us move on in PEACE, (truly move on).

    Sorry, don’t mean to sound cynical, not at alll, but it is just hard to believe the sincerity, in this context. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if it is sincere or not, since you are moving on which I am SO happy about!!!! 😄💖🌹💙🌷💪

    • Exactly right, S. But since I made his angry message public, thought it was only right to acknowledge that he thought better if it. I hope he can just let it go, as I’ve asked him. And yeah whether or not he does, I’m moving on. 😊. Thank you!!!!

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