I talked to my ex, again. Twice. Just shoot me. Talk about making something simple difficult. However, he got a court summons for Monday, and doesn’t want to go, so I think, hopefully, (and that’s actually not much hope) he will get it signed and notarized and returned to my atty right away so he doesn’t have to go to court.

Then I will block his number and never talk to him again. OMG.

First he wants to tell me how he had to talk to Medicare about his $55,000 prescription drugs last year. Like… I give a shit? And, do I even believe that? No, of course not. But it was said to bring about a reaction from me, so he could tell me about his health, to make me feel sorry for him. My response was “oh”. I am so hip to his shit…..

Then he wants to tell me he doesn’t have a good car to drive the 15 miles to her office to sign it there. Because the rear window in his truck was shattered by ice, and he hasn’t got it replaced so he covered it in saran wrap. OH PLEASE. Geezus. What about your other two cars. “the Grand National is not running and the Lincoln has no brakes.” Bullshit, my friends have seen him driving the cars around town. Again, “feel sorry for me and the way I have to live since you left me.” My response….. “I can’t help you with the cars. I don’t really care how you get it done, but if you don’t, you’ll have to get to court anyway. Call my atty and see if she can come up with an idea.”

Him: “Would you tell our son to call me? I have some information for him.” Me: “How many times have YOU asked him to call you? Maybe 100? Has he ever?” Him: “no……” Me: I’ll tell him. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.” I mean, seriously. Give it up dude. Write the kid a letter, like he asked.

Fuckface. Really. It’s a good thing I have plenty of wine on hand.

I created a pendant after talking to him. It’s pretty, a beautiful fluorite pendant wrapped in silver wire. I called a good friend, a sculptor who gave me some pendants she’d sculpted that she wanted me to wire wrap and asked her to come over tomorrow to see what we could figure out how she wanted them. So that will be nice. She also is a writer, she wrote the play we read through a few weeks ago. She asked to see some of my work. A bunch of us are talking about putting together a writers group. I’d like that a lot.

I got some fresh green onions and a fresh eggplant from the community garden that’s 4 doors down from me tonight. I made the eggplant for dinner. Mmmmm.

This morning I had a back massage, which was awesome. Badly needed.

So….the day was a good day. Lots of good things happened. I think he just triggers so many horrible things in me, and he has no shame, no care, he does it over and over again, every time we talk. I want to smack him. Take take take. Never even wonders how I’m doing. But he’s an asshole, he has a horrible life, I have a rich full life away from him. Blessed….. Love and light everyone.

8 responses to “Again…..

  1. I’ve been following your blog but shy to comment. I hate how they find ways to suck you back in….or try to. It’s always all about them too. Done. Im glad your day evened out.

  2. Yeah, Dad. Write your son a letter, or at least send a card, and move on. It still amazes me when somebody won’t do that. I guess some people only want immediate feedback, even if it’s not good and second hand. Glad you’re free, Deb.

    • He said, “I’ll send him a birthday card when I know he’ll talk to me.” What an idiot. I had some thoughts on this in the middle of the night. I think it’s another blog on the way, lol. And yes, thank you, I’m so glad to be free too, and that my son is.

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