It’s Done. Whoo Hoo!

He signed the quitclaim! Hallelujah! I guess he was really afraid to go to court, because he drove his truck with the rear window in saran wrap the 15 or 20 miles to my attorney’s office. (And if you believe the bull about his truck rear windshield, I have some swamp land…… CT is a state where glass coverage is mandatory on all car insurance policies. As is insurance…Sigh……) He came in to my atty’s office just as she got back from court. I guess he really didn’t want to go to court, lol.

So now, the pending sale of my slip can move forward quickly. Hopefully it will close sometime next week. It will be nice to resupply my bank account after 7 months of no income.

Additionally to the sale of the slip, I applied for ½ of my ex’s social security yesterday. It was done over the phone, was simple and easy. The girl said she would need me to bring down the marriage license and divorce agreement. I said, “I have the marriage license but there wasn’t an agreement for the divorce. It was a judgment at the end of a 3 day trial. I don’t have a copy of that judgment but I do have a copy of the Supreme Court decision.” She said, “Really????” “Yes” I told her. So she googled my name and found the decision. She said, “Ok you don’t have to bring anything down here. This is sufficient proof you were married for more than 10 years.” She asked if I won. “Yes”, I told her. “They, all 7 judges, called him unconscionable like 8 or 9 times in the judgment.” She laughed.

And that was it. I’ll start getting direct deposits in 2 weeks. Cool. Stop the bleeding, and don’t have to get a job. Because, for me, when I stopped working, I realized I would do ANYTHING not to go back to work. LOL. Worked for 50 years, that was enough for me.

Now to write my ex the letter….To get him off my back. To stop the dogs from barking. Finally, there is nothing to connect us any longer. Thank God, is all I can say. I’m celebrating today. With some chocolate and ice water, at the moment! What a relief.

Love and light to all.

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