Fun Days Ahead

I spent 4 ½ hours at the Vets Center. It is actually fun to be “working” there, to be part of the inner workings of a project that is so dynamic. I’ll probably volunteer to be there one day a week at least, so they can keep it open.

The artist I met on Saturday, Chuck, came in this morning. We talked again, for a long time. Interesting, Viet Nam vet. He doesn’t live too far from me, maybe 5 miles at the most. We shared buying old an old house stories, lol.

I have open mic tonight, looking forward to that. Ready to sit back and relax, and re-immerse myself in my life here. Dealing with my ex for so many days on a daily basis really wasted me. Since he lost that “competition”, which is how he always thinks of an interaction with me, he will steer clear for awhile. He competed with me for everything. Our sons attention, to be the most valued parent, to be the one who had the final say in everything, even though he was never there to make decisions. Exhausting. Hopefully my good friend will come, he’s so easy to be with for a few hours. He’s got a fundraiser he singing at on Saturday night, and a bunch of us plan to go. That will be cool.

Then Sunday and Monday I’ll be getting ready for my son’s visit. Stocking up the fridge, mostly. Might bake some of his favorite things. So excited to have him here. I need his energy in my house.

Feels like some really good days are here. Love and light, all.

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