Sick of Being Sick of It

So ends the saga of my life with my ex. When he couldn’t get out of going to sign the quitclaim or go to court, he stopped bothering me. When he knew he couldn’t get me to forgive his debt, or to make my son call him, he stopped calling me.

I drafted the letter, and as soon as the sale closes, I will mail it to him. As my friend JoAnna said, boundaries. I always had a hard time with him setting them, and he never could live with them. This time, he’ll have to.

Boundaries. Are a lesson I have been learning about this year, haven’t I? With my ex. With S. With S in particular, I always in the past eased them, I don’t really know why. Not this time. I am sick of being sick of that behavior. There should be a word for that, for being so sick of being sick of it. Layers of tiredness of the same ole same ole that never goes anywhere but back to the same place. I just want it in the past, the way past now. And to move on to a new lesson, a new passion, or whatever the universe has in store for me.

Today I’ll be taking on the actual duties as treasurer for the Veterans Art Center. I’m so happy that I have this worthwhile organization in my life. It is so good to focus on doing something positive for someone else. To use my abilities to make life better for someone else. Giving acknowledges having. I’m glad to go do this today, and get outside myself, into the world of people who are trying in a creative way to deal with the issues, real deep issues, that they have.

Gotta go. Love and light to everyone.

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