The Coffee Is Good This Morning

Some mornings the coffee tastes better than others, you know? This morning was one of them. I don’t know why that is. I slept ok last night. Not great but ok, I woke up a few times, but managed to get back to sleep each time. I was taking a half an Ambien those days I had to deal with my ex, because he just triggers so much angst in me. I just finally decided to stop a few nights ago. I’ve been sleeping ok since. And gratefully, 2 days of no interaction has let him slip back into the netherland where he belongs.

I got up today, and wandered into the bathroom, thinking about how I needed to get the hibiscus tree, given to me by my old friend, planted. My joints are always stiff in the morning, so I thought, well, today I’ll take a walk again. I have not walked for about 2 weeks, because my friend from CT was here, then I had that bad cough, then I was helping with the grand opening, and then I was just plain tired….. So, it was on my mind to get a walk in today.

But as I looked in the mirror and ran a brush through my morning bed hair, I heard a rumble of thunder. It took me a second to realize what it was. Then I looked at the weather on my phone and it’s supposed to t-storm on and off til later this afternoon. Right now I can hear wind in the palm trees. I’m so expectant of every day here being bright and sunny, I was taken aback! So maybe I’ll walk late in the day. Or maybe I’ll plant the tree late in the day. At the moment, however, I’m rethinking my plans for today.

I guess its as good a time as any to put clean sheets on my son’s bed. I can work on the pendants my friend sculpted. And read. I have a couple of pieces of artwork that need hanging. I have a few pieces of jewelry I need to get up on my Etsy store. The thing I wanted to do the most was get the tree planted, because even though it’s in a pot, it’s flimsy, and the tree is top heavy, so it’s constantly getting blown over. I’m sure it’s laying on it’s side now.

I’m finishing my second cup of this particularly good coffee, and that’s generally the most I will drink. But I may just make one more in a bit, though, it probably won’t be as good as these first two cups. Maybe it’s the rain, and the dark morning because of the thick gray clouds, and the intermittent thunder that makes me want to just sit here and sip coffee and write.

I may contact my friend in Daytona and make plans to go see her. Thinking the weekend after Easter maybe. It’s about 3 hours from me. I know my childhood friend that lives here would like to go, if she has any money to spend. If not, I might drive over by myself. 3 hours is not so long, but it does require driving through Orlando, which always has a lot of traffic. Maybe my Daytona friend knows how to go around it.

Whatever, it’s all good. The wind has stopped, but the thunder has started again. Being retired is so awesome, to just be able to change plans at will. Loving every minute of it.

Love and light, everyone.

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