A Little Chaos

I am so grateful I blocked my ex’s number. He left me the weirdest message today, it was completely non-sensical, I mean like the ravings of a mad man. First he asked for his social security number. He then said he talked to my son this morning and forgot to ask. No he didn’t!!! He said he was afraid my son had “sexual relationships with that whore that his friend has. I was so upset about it I was up all night.” What. The. Fuck. Is. He. Talking. About? OMG. Stark raving mad.

He a.) did not talk to my son. b.) doesn’t know any of his friends. c.) Even if he knew some friends in CT, he’s in CO now!! Ex has never met or heard the name of one of his friends there! I have no idea who he is calling a whore. Not a friggin clue.

Then he says, “apparently, he didn’t, wouldn’t even think of it…..”

The whole thing is entirely made up, and if he thinks I’d give him my son’s social security number he’s out of his mind. Oh yeah, he is. Out of his mind.

OMG. What a batshit crazy man he is. So glad I don’t even live near him. And that I blocked his phone. Phew!

And that comes on the heels of Frontier delaying my son’s flight for 6 hours so that he gets in at 5 am. He is so angry, as am I….11:45 was late enough, and a one hour delay. 6 is unreal. Though I suppose it will be easier for me at 5 am. I’ll just get up at 4 and head to the airport. Pisses me off though, he’ll lose the first half a day sleeping. And I just woke up from a nap I took so I’d be awake at 11:45. Now I have to try to sleep for 5 or 6 hours before I go get him, and I won’t be tired, lol. Oh well, it’s whatever!

My horoscope didn’t mention that today might be a little on the chaotic side. Even though it’s usually pretty accurate, lol.

Love and light, all….

9 responses to “A Little Chaos

  1. Hopefully, when he gets in and is settled, you guys can have a good time and all of this can be left where it needs to be, alone. Rest well, Deb.

  2. I bet your x was very drunk and/or has brain damage. I’ve heard that kind of thing before. Thankfully, we don’t have to be around that anymore. Enjoy your visit with your son. Even though he’ll be sleeping for a while, it will be nice to know he under the same roof.

    • He didn’t sound drunk, when he was drunk he slurred his words and lost his thoughts. Brain damage, could be. This message was so strange, it was totally out of character even for him. I really have no idea, but don’t want to know anyway. As for my son, they delayed him 4 or 5 times, so I called and rebooked him on an early flight in the morning. I was afraid he’d get to the airport and have to sit there all night. He’ll be here tomorrow at 12:45. They told me they couldn’t guarantee that the flight would even leave tonight, but they could guarantee he’s be on a plane in the morning. Nightmare….but he’ll get here.

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