He’s Here. Mom’s Content.

He’s here, at long last. His plane was supposed to be here at 12:30, but they had to fly around weather in Louisiana, so they were 20 min. late. Then they had to sit on the plane 10 minutes at the gate before they could deplane. In my son’s words, “I think it would have been easier to get here if I was a Syrian refugee.” Not to denigrate the struggle the refugees have, it was tongue in cheek, said in total exhaustion after 3 hours of sleep and an irritating flight. He does not really believe th half a days late, and anxious to get here.

I took him to lunch at an outdoor restaurant called Fish, and we had Ahi Tuna Poke, which is sushi grade tuna with fried wonton wrappers and salsa, and siracha dressing, and steamed little neck clams in garlic butter with toast. Mmmmmm. And a Bloody Mary each. We came back to the house and settled in, on our couch, and just talked for a few hours, catching up. It felt so wonderful, this is what we used to do often. He’d just come sit with me and talk.

I had made ribs and potato salad this morning, and I put the ribs back in the oven with BBQ sauce and we had dinner on the deck. Now we’re just watching tube, kind of doing our own thing. It’s just so cool to have him here, like he never left….like I never left. We are like best friends now, without giving up our mother son relationship.

Tomorrow night we have the baseball game. Rays vs Yankees, it’s the closer of the 3 game series which opened the season here. My son’s a Boston fan, and you know the Red Sox/ Yankees rivalry is the greatest rivalry in sports. He’s hoping the Yanks get beat. Might run out to St. Pete Beach during the day.

All’s well that ends well. So happy to have him here. Feel like I’ll sleep really well tonight, with my baby in the house.

Love and light.

6 responses to “He’s Here. Mom’s Content.

  1. I’m so glad he’s there! It’s been ages but I so clearly remember the times before you both moved and how lovingly concerned you were. Isn’t it amazing how far you both have come?? How is he loving his new environment and life? I’m sure he’s a fine young man. I love reading a out the closeness you guys have.

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