Happy Un-Birthday to Me

What an awesome day. My son and I headed for my sisters and met her and my brother-in-law at an outdoor restaurant in the small fishing village of Cortez where they make the best fish tacos, conch fritters, and I had a grilled corvina sandwich. It was so good! My son kept saying he wanted to go, there are a few of those places, right on the water.

We got to my sister’s house after. She and I kind of prepped dinner, then got in our bathing suits, and then went swimming and into the hot tub for awhile, with a glass of wine and talked for about a half hour. My birthday is in a couple weeks, and my sis wanted to have a birthday dinner while my son was here, so she had shrimp on the barbie and a whole bunch of other good food, plus a pina colada angel food cake with coconut lime frosting. Dang….it was so good.

We went down to the beach for sunset, which was nice, but the sky was cloudless, so it wasn’t dramatic. It was really really windy and it’s totally cooled off today, only in the 70’s and now in the 60’s. So we didn’t linger after it went down. People say that there’s often a green flash just as the sun drops below the horizen over water, but every time we go, we watch, but we’ve never seen it. Tonight was no different. No green flash.

No plans for tomorrow…..yet. Maybe go do some souvenir shopping in Sarasota. Love and light everyone.

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