Another No-Fly by Frontier

Frontier Air Lines. Do. Not. Ever. Fly. With. Them. After my son’s flight here was delayed 6 times and finally cancelled, and he had to get a flight out the next morning, we were hoping the return flight would go smoothly. Um……NO. His flight today was supposed to leave at 2:15. At 1:40 it was delayed until 3, at 2:50 it was delayed until 5. At 4:50 it was delayed until 6. At 4:55 it was delayed until 7:45. We booked him on one of the last two seats on a United flight early tomorrow, for $500.!. At about 6:30 the delayed flight was pushed back to 8;15. But by then…I had made it back to the airport to pick up my son and bring him back home for one more night. Which is the silver lining…I get to spend one more night with him. I was pretty sad about his leaving, so I’m happy to drive to the airport and back twice more to spend another evening with him.

To add to the chaos, of trying to figure out of we should book the other flight or wait for this one, my phone somehow got put on DND (Do Not Disturb) so no calls or texts were coming through. Even though I had just talked to him. I have no idea how or why that happened. But he tried to call me about 20 times, and it went to voice mail. So he was sure I’d been in a car accident. By the time he reached me he was frantic. Like sure I was dead. I felt so bad….so so so bad. He was already flippin with all the airline hassle….

Anyway, I brought him home, we ordered Chinese delivery, and I made us each a Mojito. We deserved it. Crazy crazy bs going on this afternoon!!!

Tomorrow I will get up at 5:30 am and get him to the airport by 6:30. Then I will write an eloquent, scathing email to Frontier. I want my money back. They want to give us vouchers. Um NO. We will never ever ever buy another ticket on Frontier, ever…. Did I say ever? Give me my money back. And the additional costs incurred getting him on another flight.

Crazy friggin day……At least I know how to get to and from the airport now, without my GPS.  Latest update on the Frontier flight:  moved from 8:15 to 8:30.  Really??????

Love and light, all.

6 responses to “Another No-Fly by Frontier

  1. What in the blue haze? That’s craziness! I hate that you guys lost so much time and money on them. Thank goodness he gets to spend another night with you, though. Keep us updated on Their response to your email.

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