He’s Off, Finally

I got my son to the airport at 6:30 this morning, despite missing my exit and having to back track a mile. I was in bed fairly early last night, and slept ok, despite my issue with my ribs. His United flight is on time this morning. He’ll be back in Denver at 10:15 or so. He’s anxious to get home now, after this last delay. I found it easier to say goodbye this morning, since I’d done all my crying yesterday, and felt like I just had a little bonus that he was here last night and this morning.

About the issue with my ribs. I was watering some plants the other day, and when I went to take the hose back to where it belongs, I stepped off the deck onto some bricks which are just stacked into two step but are not actually real steps. One of them slid out from under my foot. I guess it might have been my wet flip-flops that caused the problem, I don’t really know because it happened so fast. But at any rate, I fell, and my right side went up against the corner of the very sturdy recycling bin which is at the bottom of the steps beside the deck. Since then, my bottom two ribs have hurt a lot, particularly if I sneeze or put any pressure on that side. I don’t know if I just bruised them badly or cracked them, but I didn’t go to get them x-rayed because they can’t do anything for a cracked rib anyway, and I didn’t want to subject myself to the x-ray for no reason.

So, this is why I say I slept ok despite the issue, because it’s one of those things that you have to wake up to say, turn over, in the night. If you don’t, it will wake you up, it hurts if you do it wrong.


Well, today a friend has asked me to give her a ride somewhere, to pick up some badly needed money. She offered to buy me lunch, but really, I feel guilty taking anything she is so broke. We’ll see…

The Vets Art Center is having a fund-raiser on the 23rd at Cracker Barrel. We are supposed to get 10 sponsors to donate $20 each for which we will rock in rocking chairs there for 4 hours. I’m not enthusiastic about it, because it’s about a half hour from here. Which, when I think about it, is absurd as a reason. I used to drive a half hour just to get to Walmart. I’ll probably do it. I feel kind of obligated since I’m on the board. I told the director I’d get back to him this week about it, because my son was here and I was really not up to speed about whatever I had planned.

Back to my normal life now, although it felt really normal with my son here. We just fell into old routines so easily. It was nice. But now I have my new routines and those are all good. My non-stressful life here.

Love and light.

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