I’m trying to change the character of my blog. Every time I write a journal type blog, updating on what I’ve been up to, I end up deleting it. I guess I’ve changed, in that I think now, who cares what you’ve been doing besides yourself and a couple of people you know? It’s boring, and self-aggrandizing. I think I want to get back to writing things associated with the original purpose of this blog, which is to offer up wisdom, mostly from others, some from my own experiences, that are in keeping with “Learning to Live Like Water”.

My mother, before she had her stroke, when I first told her about the book I was writing by the same name, said, “Why not title it just Live like Water?” I said, “Because it’s an ongoing process, which I don’t believe is ever completed in one’s lifetime.” She thought about it, and understood. I was blessed to have a mom like that.

Anyway, I’ve been sidetracked for a long time with my own personal dramas. Letting go of them is part of the learning process, I guess. Not saying I won’t slip back once in awhile. Writing is such an outlet for me, to work things out. But even then, do I need to publish it to the world any longer, to give it validity? I think not. Maybe I never did. But what was, was. Maybe I’ve evolved, lol. I’m in a different space now. My world has expanded, for sure.

I’d like to write more poetry, different kinds of poetry. More essay type blogs, like the one the other day about generosity. This will naturally take more thought, more time, if I’m not just blathering on about how nice the weather is in Florida, or how blessed I am, or spewing anger self-righteously in often thoughtless ways. (Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?) Enough of that. Taking more time means probably less blogs, except for those days (or middle of the nights) when the writing pours out of you and you can’t stop.

Learning to Live Like Water is mostly about going with the flow. Sometimes I’ve been caught in the current, in almost a riptide, and had to work my way out of it. Sometimes, a block has been put up, that I have to get around somehow. But mostly, I’m just floating on the stream, looking up at the sky, letting the energy flow around me and carry me. I want to be like the Alchemist in Paulo Coelho’s book of the same name, and turn everything that happens into a blessing. Hey, it’s worth a try, right?

Love and light, all.

4 responses to “Changes

  1. It’s nice to read a little about your life, especially when the writing relates to the learning and water parts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog, though sometimes i have trouble finding the time to keep up. I think you’re flowing in a good direction. 🙂 Looking forward!

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