The Spring and Fairy Festival

I know I just got done saying I didn’t want to write so much about my own life. So, forgive me here.

Last night I went to my first Spring Festival in this little bayside town in Florida. It seemed a fun thing to do on Easter Eve. It was in a park in the center of town. A park called “The Food Forest” unofficially, because there is a food forest there, kind of. It’s not really a forest, but there are fruit trees, and maybe other things, planted there which are for anyone who wants them. Free for the taking. So the atmosphere is very giving and loving and compassionate and welcoming, which is really what this town is about.

There was a carnival, and rides, and carney food which was so tempting. Deep-fried Oreos, and funnel cakes, etc. All of which I managed to avoid with a little help from the universe. The thing is, when I got there I found out it was really a Spring and Fairy Festival. There were so many people dressed up in fairy costumes, with wings on their backs, and pixie dust, and flowers in their hair, and men with kilts, and flower leis. Dogs on leashes with fairy wings on their collars. Such a happy bunch of people too!

I went with my friend Beth, because people we know from open mic night were playing in a gazebo at one end of the park, offering up the entertainment. Of course, most of our open mic crowd were there. So we sat on a blanket on the ground, and gabbed away.

Yesterday, when I went to the store I bought a spiral cut ham, and some potatoes, and some asparagus, and invited Beth to eat with me today, since we were both alone for the holiday. Then while I was at the fair hanging with a couple of other people in our loosely defined “writers group” I asked them what they were doing for Easter, and if they’d like to come too. Because I know I have enough food, and I hate people to be alone on a holiday. They are coming too, so I’m having 4 friends over for an easy Easter dinner today! 3 women from the writers group, of which one is married and her hubby too. He’s the MC of open mic and so funny. It will be a good time, I think! Very spur of the moment!

So here I am, writing about this cool thing that happened at this ususual fair, in a place called a Food Forest……And I’m kind of pinching myself, wondering if it’s real, or did that really just happen? I love the vibe in this town.

As we were leaving last night, we went by a food stand that was trying to clear out it’s food because the festival was closing. Beth knew the woman whose stand it was, because she knows everyone in town, having lived here 30 years. So we stopped, and the woman was offering us all (4 of us at that time) free food. A cabbage leaf stuffed with BBQ wild boar, rice, and coleslaw and something that looked like siracha sauce. I declined. I am not adventurous enough to eat boar, but they all loved it. I guess there are a lot of boar around these parts, it’s not that unusual. I was holding out for something decadent, and was not hungry because I’d eaten some coconut shrimp I got when I first got there, for dinner. But the universe conspired to not let me eat anything so decadent as a funnel cake or deep fried oreo, since it’s not exactly diabetic type food. Those stands were all closed by the time we got to the places selling them.

And you know, if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it was supposed to be. I went home and had some dark chocolate with crystallized ginger. 3 squares. It was enough. And this morning my glucose was good, which it would not have been if I ate funnel cakes, or a deep-fried oreo cookie, lol.

Love and light all.

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