Regaining Physical Center

Some days are such a dichotomy. Today was one of them.

I went to yoga for the first time. Really, the 2nd time, but the first one was years ago at a spa, and I don’t count it. Today my sis took me, and we were the only 2 people to show up for this class. The wonderful teacher gave us an almost hour and a half class of individual attention, and explained so much. Because I am so into energy, chi….reiki….she was really able to help me to connect the movements and positions to things I already had an understanding and awareness of. It was really awesome, and when I get to the Y to take the gentle yoga class I think I’ll be much better prepared.

But then….the shoe drops….

When my son was here, I took a fall and thought I broke a couple of ribs. Turned out I didn’t break them, but finally, 10 days later they don’t hurt much at all. Good thing too….

Because when our class was done this morning, I was getting up off the floor. This is a project for me, because I’m arthritic. Can’t put weight on my wrists or elbows, am not real flexible in the ankles or knees…. Anyway, I went to stand up, and my toes were on a blanket we’d rolled up, but I was unable to get up completely and went kind of weirdly stepping forward trying to get my balance back ward, but fell, and landed on top of a 12” or 15” singing crystal bowl. I didn’t break the bowl thank God, they are expensive. Like $100’s. But the rim of the bowl ended up being pressed into my rib cage in the front, and into my shoulder, and boy….it hurts tonight.

Like what is it with my ribs??? And a singing crystal bowl? Seems like a crazy coincidence, doesn’t it? With all the healing I’ve done with crystal bowls, to now sit with an icepack on my ribs because of one. I keep wondering if there isn’t a message from the universe here.

Like…. “Watch where the fuck you are going.” “Stop being in such a hurry.” “You obviously are not accepting the physical limitations of your 60-something yr old body.”

I googled it…Louise Hay emotional component of bruised or damaged ribs. It said it’s about life being more than we can handle. My first inclination is to say no. Because my life is currently better than it ever was. I have so much less to handle, on so much smaller of a scale, with so fewer responsibilities.

I think, maybe in this case… might be my freedom to do as I please that I have a difficult time handling. Lots of choices. Maybe I’m not so good with a lot of choices, because I never really had a lot. At least, I didn’t think so. I had to go to work, take care of the house, take care of my son, make sure we had food, and all the bills were paid, etc. Thoses didn’t feel like choices, they were just responsibilities. Now…I have free time, and get to spend it how I choose. I can move through a day as productively as I choose.  Or just curl up with a book…….

So maybe I’m too glib about it. Not mindful enough about it. At least, not when I’m moving through my day. I think I’ll step back and take my time, and get my footing solid before I stand up and move in any direction.

If I can just remember to do that, I may be ok.  Yoga classes should help me to regain my physical center.

Love and light, all.

11 responses to “Regaining Physical Center

  1. My first thought was, why did they have the singing bowl where you could fall on it. Sounds like a cluttered space for a small yoga class. Good for you for continuing the process. But on a deeper level, I can clearly relate to having more choices. Now, that I don’t have a regular 9 to 5 job, I have more opportunity to feel my feelings and process a backlog of grief. It can be surprisingly intense at times. Heal well!

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