Oh, The Absurdity

The absurdities in today’s news. Mind you, most of my news comes from social media because it’s just where I get most of my news.  Sometimes I catch the evening news, but rarely.

  1. From the NY Times. Jehovah’s Witnesses are declared extremists and banned in Russia. Now, yeah they irritate me too, knocking at my door and leaving me those little pamplets. But political and/or violent they are not, absolutely. Russia sees them the same as ISIS. WTF. Yep, it’s those dangerous pamphlets, you know, trying to tell you how to be a good person.
  2. tRump promised his wall and promised Mexico would pay for it. Now….he wants money, BILLIONS, set aside for it or he wants to shut down the government. It’s so absurd. Instead of, idk, feeding the hungry, or tax breaks for the middle class. He’ll shut down the government over hisi stupid absurd wall.
  3. From the Guardian. In Ireland, a “charitable” Catholic organization called The Sisters of Charity was investigated in 2009, at a cost to Irish taxpayers of 82 million euros. (I don’t have the symbol for euros, or don’t know where to find it anyway.) The investigation uncovered decades of horrible abuse of children in it’s care. They never apologized. They have not paid even half the money they promised to redress the victims. Now, they will be given ownership of the brand new state of the art, taxpayer funded, National Maternity Hospital in Ireland. It boggles the mind that somehow this is ok with anybody. Let alone people in positions to make these decisions.
  4. From Vanity Fair. Dow Chemical donated $1million to tRump, and asked him to ignore a pesticide study that shows that many of their mainstay chemicals are dangerous to 1800 “critically threatened or endangered species.” This is aside from the fact that the chemicals are originally derived from a nerve gas developed by Nazi Germany. And, the CEO is a close advisor to Cheetoman, so how much do we bet on Cheetoman ignoring it?

This is just a smattering of what’s nuts in the news. Not just here, but worldwide. This is why I rarely watch or even read news. When I do, it’s so absurd I can’t really comprehend it’s reality. It rolls around in my head, trying to find a soft place to land so my head doesn’t explode. It’s particularly ridiculous when I haven’t slept well, because in that case, I just want to glide into my morning. Now I’m going to need to take a long walk down by the water to just find my equilibrium again.

This world is becoming such a crazy place. When I was young, and protesting the Viet Nam war, I guess I thought that by the time I was of retirement age, all the problems of the world would be fixed. I mean, we had 40 years….. But no, the problems are worse than ever. There is one song, an old protest song by David Crosby that keeps running through my head after reading this stuff. That song is “What Are Their Names?” I’m gonna go have a listen, and then, retreat back to my little bubble where the only absurdities are created by me, trying to live a peaceful life. You know, chasing grasshoppers off my plants with a hose. Tripping and falling on a singing crystal bowl. You know, stuff like that. Absurd, but absurd that I can deal with.

Love and light all.

11 responses to “Oh, The Absurdity

  1. My feeling is that things have got worse, but then I listened to this thing on radio earlier (BBC) who I normally trust, and they said everything is fine, its all just blown up stories – but right now I’m thinking “Even the BBC is lying now!!” Its not so much that they lied, they just turned it all around and made it seem to look way less bad – I don’t think it was the voice of wisdom tho, it was political bias – where can we go for truth anymore? Or could we ever? It seems more and more is coming to light, and people are not going to stand for it forever, surely! ❤

    • I agree that they have gotten worse, for sure. How much worse could they get than Cheetoman? It’s absurd….if you think about it with out any attachment to how it affects us. It’s a dis-ease, spreading like wild fire among those in power, that just boggles the mind. So I retreat back to my weird little personal bubble and let the weirdness of it be enough for awhile, til I’m readay to face those crazies again.

      • Its madness and populism all round, I swear the roots of it are in the money men moving manufacture abroad, some countries are catching up, others having to share the wealth, but not those elite few, they won’t share anything, they’ll kill us all before they’ll share a cent, cos they hate commies! (and cos they are greedy b*stards!)

  2. Aside from Cheetoman being the scariest loose cannon in a position of power I’ve ever seen in my country, I believe that our seemingly worsening condition is due in large part to the sensationalism and focus on the worse news the mainstream media can find. What we focus on gets bigger, and the bad guys figure bad must be normal because according to the news, “everybody’s doing it.” When bad guys are glamorized with so much attention, more of them want that attention. Children will act bad for negative attention if that’s all that’s available to them. There’s plenty of good news in the world. I’m starting to see specialized media cropping up like small rebel bands to fill the need for good news as more and more people are getting sick of the overwhelming focus on bad news. If I’m going to get bad news, it helps to have it delivered by people like you who serve it up in small doses with lamentations of its absurdity.

    • Having an administraton in power that seems to specialize in theater of the absurd gives it some weird validity. It’s just so crazy, and it’s not just political news. I just sometimes gotta wonder…. I’ve felt for a long time that people are becoming more polariized, and hoping that the balance is shifting toward love, and away from fear. But sometimes now, I question that….

  3. You know how this divided society thing has got, if you go to one of the top universities, here in the UK, and most likely in the USA too, you get a different kind of education? I don’t know how true it all is, but it just seems as if you go to one of those top ones, you’re able to feel you arrived, wheres if you didn’t, you haven’t & won’t! LOL Its ridiculous, and it probably always been like it, but it seems to be more apparent now, its as if this is the new stumbling block to further social progress, cos all the leaders went to those top Uni’s and schools and so on, and there’s hardly any room for anyone else, and those “winners” seem to have so much more money and power than anyone else, its such a bad example!

    We have kids on the streets homeless and hooked on dangerous drugs, while others are fast tracked to success via expensive education – its so wrong, we have an election on here now, what they are calling a “snap election” our right wing gov wants to consolidate power and change Britain into some sort of subsidary of the elite – the opposition is very weak, scrabbling to say anything which doesn’t sound like blue sky thinking. The old patriot element is being used to support all kinds of foolishness, (Brexit) leaving an open door to even more “tough love” – I think Britain is in even more trouble now than the USA, I think as long as someone is there to keep “the Donald” from pushing the wrong button. When we had that Brexit vote, people took it to be an invitation to tell the Europeans to “get stuffed” – which they did, not realising the real enemy had just been handed a blank check! Arghh!

    • then again, the Orange one seems to be telling everyone to get stuffed too, lol. I heard about your snap election. It reminds me of the repubs here changing the rules to get our new Supreme Court Justice pushed through. .Like, Oh don’t have the answer you want? Change the way you get it. We’re all in friggin’ trouble, because we all need each other, we are hard wired to be social and democratic. Ever watch the movie I Am by Tom Shadyac? He made all the hilarious Jim Carey movies but this is a documentary and it’s amazing. I hope the pendulum starts swinging back to center pretty soon, and that when we i chave our mid-term elections next year the repubs get voted out in great numbers.

      • Lets hope so!

        The French are electing a new leader at the moment, I hear the traditional left and right have collapsed, and there are now 2 new extremes, and lots of small parties, its a bit of a muddle from what I hear. It’ll be good to be rid of the status quo, so long as something better is created, which ought to be the case, but with all the bogus info out there its scary and dangerous!

        Shall look out for the film “I am” I love good films, such as “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!” Ha,ha, always loved that, ah “Network” That was the one! 😀

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