Fairly Normal Life Returns

The days are returning to normal. Tonight a few of my friends came over late in the day. We sat on the deck and drank some wine and ordered pizza delivered. So good to have good girlfriends. We talk about everything. Politics, sex, old lovers, spouses, writing, theater. We are all so different, and so much the same.

I spoke to the social worker at the hospital today. They are going to court to get an order to give him his meds. When they told him, because they have to, he got very angry and combative. They asked him if we wanted an advocate because he’s entitled to one, and he said he didn’t need one, he had a lawyer. He doesn’t. He told them my son wants him home, and was coming to a meeting at 10 am tomorrow at the hospital. She said, “Oh that’s great! We’re looking forward to meeting him.” She said she wonders how he’ll react tomorrow when my son doesn’t show. I said, “Oh, he’ll have a whole new story about it.” I did say though, when she told me how angry he got, “Now you see a little of why we are so concerned about him being released. The meds will stop the second he walks out the door, and you can imagine if someone confronts him.” She agreed, though gave no indication that there would be anything done about it.

My son texted me that his dad called him 12 times this morning. I told him to block the number and he did. I told him, “He’s calling you because he thinks you’re coming to a meeting there tomorrow.” He is beginning to laugh at it, detaching from it. That’s good.

Looking forward to open mic tomorrow. I’m ready for a warm balmy night, just hanging out, good music, no stress, lots of laughter. Same group as tonight, with some additional people, men and women. I hope my open mic night friend comes, I would enjoy the company of a kind, loving centered man for a couple hours.

Love and light to everyone.

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