Open Mic Night That Almost Wasn’t

Open mic night almost didn’t happen tonight. It actually rained here. For about an hour! I was dressed and ready to leave, picked up my purse and realized it was raining! Almost a foreign concept to me! I do know that in another month it will be raining almost every day for 10 minutes or so. I knew it was the time that they are usually setting up for the night, and wouldn’t be in the rain, since it’s an outdoor venue. My friend Beth called, and we both said we’d go put on our jammies and watch tv. Which I did.

She called me back about 15 minutes later and said she’d just talked to the emcee and they were setting up, the rain and storms were over (there were tornado watches out for many areas) and it was on. So we both changed back and went. It was a really lovely night. The sun came back out the weather was so tropical but not hot. Balmy breezes but temps in the 70’s.

One of the best performers who comes regularly came tonight. He writes all his own music and is extremely talented. He has a couple of songs that are really funny, and one in particular, we all ask him to perform almost every time he’s there. He usually says he can’t because it requires a ukelele and he didn’t bring it. When he performed tonight there were very few people there, because of the rain. So we were just talking while he was up front. Someone asked for this song, called the “O Face song”. He said again, it requires the ukelele. I said, “yeah, but you never bring it and you know we’re going to ask…..” Just teasing him…. He said, “Well it’s in the trunk of my car tonight.” So he sang it.

It’s about how this guy is saying he’s been with this woman a long time and tonight he wants to see her o-face. It’s totally funny and tasteful. He’s a good writer. I video’d him tonight singing it because I wanted to have the words. (He got nervous after and said, “please don’t post it”. I said, “Rick, I’d never do that. I really just wanted to show a couple girlfriends who never make it here.” I didn’t tell him I wanted the words for a blog, lol. But I will give him the credit, and I won’t write them all. Just a few verses.

We decided that the women like it because it’s about a man wanting to take care of his woman, wanting to make her happy.  One of my friends told him that, and he told her she was very perceptive.  (I added, confidentially to my friend only, that it maybe was especially funny to someone who’s been in 16 months of involuntary celibacy, lol) Then she added a joke, “Why do women fake orgasm?” “Because they think men care.” And apparently some men do care, because Rick wrote this song about a man wanting to please his woman in bed, and see her face when he did. These are some of the words.


I wanna see your O face
I wanna see your eyes rolling back in your head.
I wanna see your toes curling
You bad bad girl
I wanna know you in the biblical way
It ain’t condensation
I be stimulatin
Somethin a little sweeter than I’m anticipatin
It’s your o-face
Show me your O face.

I’ve seen your mad face
Your sad face
Your pissy face
Your kissy face
Your does this make my butt look fat face
your pouty face
Your grouchy face
Your keep it up boy I’m outta here face
But your O face baby
It’s time to see your O face.

There are a lot more verses to it, I just wanted to give you an idea. Imagine the kind of high pitched sound of a ukelele with a sing-songy kind of melody. It’s hysterical. The audience always loves it.

So it was a fun night. I had a couple glasses of wine and by the end of the evening, they had a medium sized crowd that I guess decided the rain wasn’t coming back tonight. It turned out to be a fun night.

Love and light, everyone.

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