Creep, Creepy, Creeped Out

Well he’s out. Back in the tiny cottage he rents next door to our old house which is collapsing around itself. His diagnosis is “delusional disorder.” His sole delusion is that he and I and my son are a happy family. That’s so creepy. It sets me back emotionally to have to think about it. All kinds of triggers this afternoon. They have mostly settled out now.

They sent him home with meds, and he’s supposed to go to an outpatient clinic 3 times a week for 3 hours. They know he won’t go, and that he’ll stop his meds. The doctor told him that the one thing he needs to remember is that I’m in FL and son is in CO and that we are both safe, and he doesn’t need to go to the police about us for anything.

Which is a little scary for me, because I’d rather have him go to the police than take matters into his own hands.

I have a friend who is a therapist tell me that his delusion, about me being held against my will by someone, is what he wants to do to me. Which is scary….really scary. And yes, knowing him I believe it to be true. However, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t still have my address, and couldn’t on his best day make a plan to come down here. I hope he still believes I’m a drug addict now, and will leave me alone. He won’t have my son’s address, since he’s moving.

There is nothing that can creep you out though, more than being the center of the delusion of a certified mentally ill person. Just gives me the creeps.

I’m asking the universe to put a nice normal man in my path. I need to put the past couple weeks in the past and leave them there.  They have been tough.  Just give me a man that can love and be loved and isn’t creepy or an asshole. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask. I didn’t hear back from the guy I blocked this morning. That’s a good thing. He was creepy…

Found out the Senate is not even going to bring the abhorrent health care bill to the floor. They are going to write a new one, lol. A third attempt. I am remembering how many times they tried to repeal the ACA unsuccessfully. 49 or something? Here they go again. 3 and counting. They know they don’t have enough votes to pass it as it is. Which is heartening. I sure hope we #cleanhouse2018.

I laid down for a nap, but as soon as I did a friend called me, and then my son. It’s my son’s 25th birthday. He’s got a lot going on. His boss let him out early and his friends are taking him out. He’s moving into his apartment Sunday and Monday. He’s one happy kid. He doesn’t ask abouto his dad, and I don’t tell, since I told him his dad was being released today. His father has been written out of his life.

I’ve had a good day. Took my walk by the water, vacuumed my house, spot cleaned the rug in the kitchen, photographed the new pendants my friend and I collaborated on (see below)  they are kind of hand sculpted multi-cultural cameos. Laid down but didn’t sleep, lol. Having a drink. Might go to town for the artwalk tonight. It’s cool today. The rain last night brought in cool air for a couple of days, so it’s a nice change. Then again, I might stay home.

Love and light to all.

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