SoCS: InterConnectedness

This post was written for the SoCS writing prompt by Linda G. Hill.  The prompt today was to use the prefix “inter” in any way you wish.  If you’d like to join the fun, please go to Linda’s page. All the fine details are there.  Here’s the link:


Interesting, to consider words beginning with “inter”. I think of how interconnected we all are. How the heart tells the brain much much more than the brain tells the heart. How words spoken can have such a ripple effect, thoughts that go out to the universe almost always create something.

My book club up in CT learned how to bend forks by setting an intention in the fork. These were not cheesy cheap forks, they were not bendable except by force. But when we set an intention in them, then let the thought, the intention go, we could each pick up a the fork, and bend it easily. Right in half. It is a simple thing, not so important, I mean who wants to bend forks? They are pretty useless that way! But you never think the same about your thoughts again.

We are all interconnected, interrelated. One night at a group meditation that I went to during my divorce, I had just learned about cutting energetic cords with a person. I cut them with my ex during that meditation. It’s something you do with love. I cut the cords, I said, “Maybe I’ll see you maybe I won’t. Have a good life.” The interconnectedness between us I’m sure are what caused him to 2 or 3 days later show up just when my son was pulling in, in front of the condo I was renting at the time, and make an effort to reconnect with my son. It was the only time in 9 years that they had a break, and tried to reconnect. It didn’t last, because his father just couldn’t stay with it. But I felt like, well, you throw a stone in the water, you never know what will wash up on the shore. For a few weeks my son felt like he had a father again.

We all have those moments, when we are about to call someone and they call us. When we are thinking of someone, and shortly after, they appear in our life. That stuff isn’t happenstance, it’s the interconnectedness of us to each other. It’s the energy going out from our hearts and minds and keeping us connected to each other.

I always have agreed with the Buddha. We are all one thing. Interconnected. All part of the endless circle.

Love and light 

6 responses to “SoCS: InterConnectedness

  1. Everyone did it the night we learned how. We watched our friend who had been taught. Then we all just did it. This was a spiritual book club, so we were all kind of into this sort of thing. It took me the longest, lol. She said those who already know it’s possible sometimes take the longest because we have an expectation that we have to let go of first. It definitely made all of us realize the power of intention though.

  2. What a rich post. You came away with a lot of wisdom and I’ve learnt a number of things. I need to cut away the energy that I’ve interwoven with certain people who should no longer be in my life. We are truly all interconnected.

    Let me invite you to my blog party going on right now. If you find the time, you are welcome to join the networking. Regards.

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