Meditation on the Waterfront

It’s quiet on the waterfront this morning.  The sun is bright, the sky very blue. A few white puffy clouds drift by on the light breeze. 

Walking down the long fishing pier I find a heron and an egret, not far from the lone fisherman, hoping he’ll throw a fish or two their way. 

The smell of breakfasts from the outdoor cafes permeates the air until I get to the far end of my walk. Then the smell is of salt air, and the fragrant flowers that line parts of the path. 

There are a few other lone souls out for a walk this morning. Some really working at the exercise. Some are like me,exercising but also trying to take in the peace of the sea. Some are out for a smoke, from the nearby condominiums on one end of the sidewalks.  There are two fishermen in the water, thigh high, casting nets at times. They tow a small rowboat with them, for the catch I suppose. 

The water has a few light ripples on it. The boats lay at anchor, lazily, anchor lines slack from the bow into the water. 

I remember mornings at sea like this,  moving imperceptibly back and forth on the anchor. Sipping my coffee, watching this world wake up.  So present in the moment, so content.  The sea lives in a different space and time than the land. The clocks follow the ebb and glow of the water.  The activities of the day are determined by the stiffness of the breeze, the height of the waves. 

It’s a present moment meditation along the water in the off season. I breathe the salt air in deeply and let go of all except this moment. 

Love and light …

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