Too Late

drowning man

The words were held back
A withholding,
Not to be spoken
Until the danger was iminent.

Held back too long,
The drowning man didn’t raise his voice
Until the woman was out of reach
And could no longer touch his hand.

The depths between them
Might have been less
If he’d said them before
When she longed to hear them.

Instead, they were withheld.
Spoken as the space between them
Became wider and deeper.
Too late.

The woman prays for him.
She hopes he was able to save himself
She hopes he was not sucked under by the darkness.
Love always.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Pinterest

6 responses to “Too Late

  1. Obviously the words she wanted to hear did not come naturally to him. Perhaps he will learn to float and ponder the lessons. And she will find someone who is better suited.

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